UFC Champion Jon Jones Reacts To Silent Hills Cancellation

Context: this is not a real video, it's a parody.

Context: Jon Jones is the Light Heavyweight Champion and probably the best fighter on the planet right now. He is currently in the midst of one of the strangest stories I've ever come across in Mixed Martial Arts ever.

Yesterday morning, news broke that Jon Jones was the suspect in a hit and run accident in which a pregnant woman was injured and taken to hospital. According to police reports Jones allegedly ran a red light, caused a three-car pile up, exited the car, ran for a bit... and then ran back to his car to grab a big ol' pile of cash. The best part: he left documentation in the car that identified him as Jon Jones, Light Heavyweight Champion of the world. He also left a marijuana pipe in the car with weed left in it. Amazing.

For a short time the police just wanted to speak to Jones to get his side of the story, but could not locate Jones.

Which is when MMA YouTuber TommyToeHold made the above video. You might know TommyToeHold as the creator of those actually hilarious fake commentary EA Sports UFC glitch videos. You should go and watch those if you haven't already.

Anyway, at the risk of explaining the joke and therefore ruining it, that's why this video of Jon Jones reacting to the cancellation of Silent Hills is funny.

And if you're interested? The 'Jon Jones on the lam from the cops' saga appears to be coming to a close. The police issued a warrant for his arrest and, by all accounts, Jones is about to turn himself in. Jones has a title defense scheduled for May. No idea if that's still happening at this stage. Either way, it's been an unreal story to follow. The pregnant woman, in case you were wondering, suffered minor injuries and is apparently a-okay.


    I want him to react to the apparent hit and run he is being wanted for atm.

    no longer apparent.... has been confirmed he is in custody.... leaving the scene of an accident and they also found pot and a pipe in his car

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