Vermintide Is Left 4 Dead In The Warhammer Universe

Vermintide Is Left 4 Dead In The Warhammer Universe

I never thought I’d have trouble keeping track of all the upcoming games based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer license. Yet, here we are. The trailer for Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide appeared in early March, but today’s the first time I’ve heard about it. A co-op, first-person romp involving the slaughter of hordes of Skaven? Where do I slap down my wax sigil of approval?

Scheduled for a release sometime later this year, Vermintide from Fatshark Games has me rather excited. There’s a website and a Steam page for the curious. For the unconvinced, here’s a list of features.

Delicious, scrumptious features:

Cooperative survival for up to four players — Band together with your friends or die alone. Vermintide will continuously test the teamwork and skill of you and your friends.
Diverse heroes — Five distinct characters to choose from, each with their own personality, agenda and story to tell. Learning what it means to work together is key to the groups survival.
Experience the Skaven like never before — A rising tide of malicious and cunning rat-men, hacking, clawing and eviscerating all that stand in their way. Face vicious packs of clan-rats and deadly specialized elites.
Unpredictable enemies — Vermintide features a dynamic spawn system providing a constant set of new challenges lurking behind every corner.
Engaging story — Games Workshop veterans have banded together to write a fantastic new addition to the Warhammer lore, offering a new perspective on the cataclysmic events of The End Times.
Nowhere is safe — The Skaven boast incredible mobility, able to climb and leap fantastic distances to make life a living hell for the Players. No matter where you go, they will be there, ready to pounce.
Rewarding loot system — Focused on rewarding teamwork above all else, the loot mechanics reflect the general game design while staying true to Warhammer lore.
Choose Your play style — Be it melee or ranged, find your favourite style using a combination of the 100+ unique weapons and trinkets available.

Watching the above clip and looking over this array of tidbits, comparisons to Turtle Rock’s Left 4 Dead are natural. I guess Skaven are a bit like furry, athletic zombies — just don’t tell that to anyone who own’s a painted army of them. They might take offense.

But yes, Vermintide. I’m looking forward to joining forces with three of my friends and embarking on my new career as a glorified pest slayer.

Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide [Official website, via Reddit]


  • Not sure what to make of this really.

    It certainly LOOKS interesting, and if you’d shown it to me a year ago I’d have been all over it. I’ve always loved the Warhammer universe, and would relish the chance to romp around beating up hordes of skaven.

    However at this point Games Workshop have already released all of the End Times books in preparation for the release of Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition around the middle of the year. We already know exactly what happens in the conflict with the skaven, and the rest of the world.

    I guess what I’m wondering is, lore-wise is there any point in this game existing?

    • Well I mean, as someone who doesn’t know anything about Warhammer and only slightly more about 40k, this seems like a cool way to get into the lore without having to lay down $350405833394494554 to play the REAL Warhammer or stand in a Games Workshop all day with gangly teenage virgins.

      I think that there’s definitely a market for it. Making an action orientated game utilising the lore and established universe to pull in a new market for the franchise.

      • I guess this is my primary concern.

        I think there is definitely a market for games set in the established Warhammer universe. Like you said, there are plenty of people who think the setting looks interesting, but have never had a real jumping off point to sink their teeth into the decades of lore available. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was a valiant attempt to get people into the IP, but it was clearly released by EA in an unfinished buggy state, and most headed straight back to WoW because it was such a mess.

        An action oriented game like this would’ve been perfect for the Warhammer universe, and if it came out a few years ago, could’ve done wonders for getting people into the setting.

        BUT. There is a very big BUT here.

        Games Workshop has pretty much given up on the existing Warhammer franchise. Warhammer 40K has been kicking its arse six ways from Sunday in terms of miniature sales and player interest for such a long time now, that they’re effectively rebooting the Warhammer setting in preparation for the new 9th edition due in June (supposedly).

        For those that haven’t been following Games Workshop over the last year or so (and with their current model pricing I wouldn’t blame you), there have been a series of books released called End Times, the last of which hit shelves recently. The series essentially follows all the races and characters through the “end of the world”, and is designed to act as a sort of lore bridge into a completely new Warhammer setting, which has significantly fewer armies (taking up less shelf space that could hold 40k stuff), with a completely new range of models. These models are being designed to steer the IP further away from the traditional fantasy roots, enough that people can’t just buy generic “elves”, “dwarves”, or “knights” from other manufacturers and use them to play.

        It just seems somewhat pointless to me to release a new game in the established setting, right after they’ve made a big show of burning it all to the ground in order to make way for something different.

    • Meeeeeee. I am the target market. I haven’t seen squat about the canon of WH:FB/WH40K in the last ten years. For me, Mordheim and all there is to it, is the table-top I played to death.

        • Oh no, I mean my awareness of Mordheim specifically is limited to the gaming I did and the materials available at the time. Just like Necromunda, which was frickin’ awesome. Gorkamorka I did pass on, though. Orks never really did it for me.

          • With the recent resurgence of turn-based squad games, I’m patiently waiting for a Necromunda game. It’ll happen! You know, right after HL3 drops.

            Also, Gorkamorka is going to be huge. You heard it here first! It’s going to be like Interstate ’76, but with Orks.

  • if this can be playing in single player, ill most likely get it. ive never been a fan of tabletop gaming or D&D for that matter but i fucking loved Dawn of war, Spacemarine and Mark of Chaos. What will make and break this game will depend on how much they try to stick to the tabletop rules which is what was so bad about firewarrior

  • I’ve got around 7000 points of painted skaven and their my favourite army.I’ll be picking this up

  • +100 points for not having Orcs or Chaos be the opposition for once.

    Now, lets talk Warhammer Total War and how it must have Lizardmen or it will be rubbish. (Im not biased shush)

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