V's Speech In V For Vendetta Only Has 53 Vs And That Makes Me Sad

V's Speech in V for Vendetta Only Has 53 Vs And That Makes Me Sad

They could have had 55, but no.

I guess it is still pretty impressive, if you're into alliteration.

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    This is bang up work guys. Really is.

      Hey man I think it's cool they they're keeping an autistic person on payroll.
      That's like a big victory for the disabled crowd.

        Hey, man, don't be like that.
        Making fun of autism or disabled people isn't cool.

    This just in: South Park movie has highest frequency of rude language.

    I already knew this because I had a class of year 7 kids watch that clip for an English lesson on alliteration three years ago. Of course, my lesson had to go for more than three sentences...

    And two more Vs would have made all the difference? Why? Because 5 is V in roman numerals, bringing the total to CV? I don't get it.

      I always thought it had 55 because then it would have made it 11x5, which also ties into the Guy Fawkes' night being November 5th, or 5/11. More importantly, it would have also meant Half Life 3 confirmed.

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