Watch A Destiny Player Single-Handedly Turn Around A Hopeless Match

Video: Talk about a comeback. Sometimes, the scoreboard in a multiplayer match isn't very encouraging — in this case, it suggested that Blue team was going to lose. Red team, after all, only needed a few more kills to take the win. But instead of giving up, David Scaggs went out and gave it his best shot. He ends up with a ten-man killing streak that actually turns around the entire match for his team. Damn! That's some good shooting right there.


    Impressive. Enemy team kept feeding him corpses didnt they. One after the other they dropped in ready for pain.

    Fuck Destiny crucible, the lag is so unbearable most of the time I can empty an entire clip of heavy ammo into a guy point blank and not even damage him.

      Yep - this happens rarely but it will happen if you play any FPS a lot weather its COD, Battlefield, Halo or Destiny the spawns just switch and you can get some seriously easy kill-streaks because you happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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