Watch Grand Theft Auto V On PC At 60 FPS

Watch Grand Theft Auto V On PC At 60 FPS

Rockstar today released a new trailer for the upcoming PC version of GTA V, which comes out in two weeks. In the video, you can see what their gargantuan open-world game looks like while running at a buttery 60 frames per second.

Unsurprisingly, it's stunning. Watch right here while I go look up how much it would cost to built a PC that can actually run this thing.

The PC version of GTA V will be out on April 14. Get ready for some ridiculous mods.


    Will the PC version be able to connect with players from Xbox and PS?

    I already played this through on PS3, but when (if?) they release some single-player story-based DLC I will definitely pick it up on PC as well. Looks fantastic!

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