Watch Old People Play (And Get Shocked By) The Last Of Us

The dark, distressing opening section of The Last Of Us is fast becoming a 'thing' that you can show non-gamers as a way of explaining how far games have come in terms of visual and story. It's well-written, it's engaging and from a control and gameplay standpoint, it's relatively simple. In a way it's the perfect game for the Elders React YouTube series.

What's interesting about this one is the range of reactions. Some were shocked by it, some thought it was too dark. Some were openly emotional to the point of tears almost. Others were impressed by the craft of Naughty Dog's story-telling.

Either way, this video makes for some compelling viewing.


    I just showed my mum the intro to The Last of Us - got her to play most of it, until the running section when I had to take over. She's 71, and her mind was BLOWN. She got really emotional and was so surprised that games were so realistic nowadays. I got the impression she wanted to play more and find out what happens, but I don't know if she can get over the motor-skill hump needed to get a handle on the controls. Might send her a link to the combined cutscenes on youtube.

    I cry every time I play that opening sequence.

    Edit: and apparently when I'm sitting at my desk at work and watching old people play it...

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      The feels... at work.... I too know this...

        Show them the giraffes, show them the goddamn beautiful giraffes. We've come so far and don't so much, oh god giraffes.

      I think the All Gone theme is a lot to blame for the reaction. I have booby trapped my playlist in the car with it and it gets me every time

    I really hate Barbara. She's stuck in the past, and just seems to hate anything that's new to her.

    Some of those reactions were awesome... I love the parts where they didn't realise it had transitioned from movie to gameplay.

    Would be nice if they at least gave the poor old guys some basic instructions... like right stick to move the camera.

    I always thought it was an emotional game, but now when i play it, since becoming a father i think its gonna kick me in the guts a lot more

    It's telling how that one guy noticed straight away that these cinematic experiences aren't really games. I enjoyed it for what it was, but I find the lack of any kind of gameplay depth and innovation disappointing. I think we're at a high point in creativity on the PC platform at the moment and games like this just remind me how stifling and formulaic the AAA scene is at the moment.

    Enjoyed the above video though.

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