Watch Us Play Titan Souls For The Next Hour!

It's rainy as all hell. I'm stuck at home for the next two hours, why not watch me play Titan Souls?

I've been super keen on this game ever since I first checked it out at PAX Australia late last year. I met Andrew Gleeson, the artist on Titan Souls who was presenting the game, and he practically had to snatch the controller out of my hand.

Watch live video from MarkSerrels on On that note, I'd like to formally apologise to the guy behind me in the queue who had been waiting ages to play!

Anyway, Titan Souls is in the wild now, and is available on PC, PS4 and PS Vita. So no need for anyone to queue anymore.


    Cool, I just started it and already died about 4 times on the first enemy, so I'd like to see how you fare.

    "So much goop lyin' around man. Get out of my face! Christ!"
    Loving the commentary.

    All right. I caved. I clicked on a twitch stream and watched someone else play a game.
    It wasn't terrible. So close on that bloody knight.

    Just one more....

    Hey @markserrels, found a video of someone beating the knight after destroying all the pillars.

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