Watch Zelda Being Cross-Stitched In Real-Time. It's Cool.

I can't recall every really being excited about cross-stitching, but this is probably the only moment where I've been like 'whoa... cross-stiching is awesome'.

It's one of those sped up watch-me-do-things videos. It's cool. It helps that the art being created is amazing.

It's the work of cross-stitcher Eponases, here she is holding the thing:

And here's a close-up of the work in question.

Pretty impressive. The cross-stitch has an incredible 37,446 amount of stitches in it and took over eight months in total.

That's commitment right there.

You can see more of Eponases' work here


    That's super neat. I'm an old fart and I would totally love to learn how to do this stuff. So much patience required.

    "Real-Time" is very different to "Time Lapse", which is what is being shown here.

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