What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last weekend I was sure I would be spending most of my time playing Bloodborne. I actually spent more time playing OlliOlli 2. This weekend? I dunno. I'm calling Bloodborne again.

But I really, really love OlliOlli 2. For some reason it's just clicked all of a sudden. It felt functional before, now it feels compelling. I love it. As soon as I found out how to link manuals into tricks it was a wrap.

What are you all playing this weekend?



    EDIT: Just got some chalice from the BSB so I assume I can do co-op now? Add me Zambayoshi on PSN if you want an enthusiastic but inexperienced co-op partner :-)

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      Is there anything else?

        Nope. Not at home anyway (I've got Bravely Default and also Miku PDF2nd when on the go).

        I just beat the BSB in Bloodborne and died to its poison mid victory celebration. Even more embarassing when two summoned helpers were looking on, no doubt laughing their heads off when I crumpled over just as the trophy dinged.

        Got carted off to an underground gaol and now searching for a way out!

        So much fun :-)

      What? No. That's for the dungeons. In order to use co-op or invade you have to get 10 insight to unlock a new store that contains bells.

        Oh yeah, I got those, but I mean the chalice dungeons. Not sure how to initiate them but I'm definitely up for some! :-)

    Bloodborne solo, Helldivers with wife and friends

    Likely trying to finish off Pillars of Eternity
    Also usual fortnightly LAN gaming session with the mates on Satdee night :)

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      Wow that's commitment! I struggle to organise a LAN once a month, let alone every two weeks. Haha

        Easy peasy when everyone lives within 10 mins of each other, and we have a big shed to set up in :)
        I'm only talking 12 or so people, not a 100+ person lan by any means!

          12 or so people is still really impressive!

            Yeah we all love it, hence why it happens every two weeks :)
            Playing multiplayer online still has nothing on actually being in the room with the guys you are killing/being killed by ;)
            FYI the games of choice currently are BF2 (some have old lappies and won't run the newer ones adequately) and enemy territory quake wars, also DOTA2

            Tell you what though, those CONSTANT dota2 updates are a real pain in the a-hole. I really don't care in the slightest about all that shop crap they are constantly adding... Worst was when we were half-way through a game and people started dropping out because there was a dota2 update released...
            That's why it's still mainly BF2, once it's installed for everyone you just fire up the local BF2 stats server and play. Because it's a stats server, you even get ranks and unlocks that carry over fortnight to fortnight. Good funs...

            All in all it's not too bad considering I live on a tiny island with only about 1200 people total, so to get 1% of the entire islands population along to play some old games is a good achievement, and keeps those dang unruly kids off the streets ;)

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    Probably some Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Disney Infinity 2.0 and at night some Borderlands on PS4. Then Monday when my son goes back to school I can finally get into Bloodborne.

      I got Garden Warfare for free a few months back and haven't tried it. Should I? How kid (4) friendly is it?

        Very, my almost 7 year old plays it and it's his favourite game. Massive warning though, it does have micro-transactions so be extremely careful if you hand over the controller, supervision is highly recommended.

        I also have it but have not played it. Maybe I should change that.

    Hit a slight wall in Bloodborne due to a) bosses and b) incessant darkness. Had to play episode 2 of Tales From the Borderlands to cleanse.

    But probably Bloodborne, and a bit of a crack at Dark Souls II to, um, mix it up.

      I've hit a wall in BB too..after I beat Rom, the next area is kicking my arse. Respawning enemies, seriously?!

        Dunno who that is, but I
        had a couple of tries against Vicar Amelia, decided I didn't have the patience; went to the right, found 2 guys with lightning and shotgun who seemed to take zero damage, ran away from them into spinning axe guys, died a couple of times from cliff-top shotgun snipes (!), decided I didn't have the patience; went to the left, died a couple of times in the forest, finally cleared most of it out, ran into a coven of 5 guys with guns who made short work of me, decided I didn't have the patience.

        That's when I started playing Tales From the Borderlands instead.

          Ha ha, it really gets the adrenalin pumping when you have to run into an unknown area to avoid being killed. What could be lurking around the corner!?

            It's the antithesis of my normal play style and never ends well. Especially given that you're unlikely to run into an unguarded lamp.

              Ha ha, yeah. Last night I saw an item orb being guarded by two tough enemies and just ran in and suicided in order to get the loot. Totally worth it, as I had almost no echoes at the time. Usually I'd agonise over how to defeat the enemies before going in for the loot, but I just knew there was no freaking way I could do it, having repeatedly died to just *one* of those enemies.

          Right past those guys in the forest is a door with a lantern right behind it.

            There was! It gave me the freedom to make camp, then go back to clear out the forest. Also made it through the path to the right with some more skillful dodging and rolling, only to
            die at the hand of the second crazy invisible giant that I've found. So weird.

    Tempted to finally pick up Grey Goo and play that. But I might end up going to Supanova for something to do instead.

    Affordable Space Adventures!
    ...and possibly some Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (mainly played on my commute and lunch breaks during the week, but I can't resist playing it at home too).

    Edit: After reading about 'Running with Rifles', I'm definitely gonna give this a go too. Sounds really interesting.

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    Going to try out the new Arma 3 Marksman content. Then head back into Breaking Point. Need to level up my Ranger and Nomad out of negative figures...

      How are the servers in Breaking Point now? They were always full & I could never get in...

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        They're good. Much more stable over the past week. They removed New Haven and Stratis, but AU Altis and Bornholm are still up and running. Altis has plenty of room, gets up to around 70 players at peak. Loads of fun, definitely jump on it if you can.

          Nice! I really enjoyed it when I could get on... imho it is already better than dayz is now. I will update my client this evening.

    Probably GTA IV on the PS4. I'm a little late to this party.

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    Bloodborne! Missed out on it last weekend, so looking forward to getting back to it and exploring Old Yharnam. And I'll probably hop on Destiny, level up some new gear, and try my hand at soloing the Bridge in Crota's End.

    I was supposed to visit @gutsoup & play his Mortal Kombat X
    Don't think I'll fit it in, so Freedom Wars, I guess

    Not that freedom wars is crap.

      Wait, I'm not seeing any mk love. Did I mix up my dates?

        yep, I said next weekend not this one. If you can find me a copy this weekend I'd be more than happy to accommodate you :P

    Possibly Borderlands Pre-Sequel with friends. If I get motivated enough, Bloodborne. I always struggle with maintaining interest during the mid-game of the Souls games so I just need to find the spark again, though I have friends who want to co-op so that should do it. Outside of that, trying to finish DMC 4, Azure Striker: Gunvolt and Oreshika .

    (Long time reader, first time poster)
    What do I want to play...DA:I, USFIV and Wolfenstein (yes I'm a bit behind)

    ...what will I probably end up playing?
    Maybe some Skylanders Trap team with my son, and maybe some USFIV.

    Real life (wife, kids, social activities) > games these days

    Have my twice a year LAN next Saturday to look forward to however, unadulterated gaming for 12 years, yahoo! :D

    Skyrim. And maybe download and check out the Dragon Age DLC.

    Getting back into Diablo II + expansions!

      Man that was such a great game


          Indeed, I meant past tense as for me having no inclination to go back and play it. Kind of like Morrowind it was such a great game but playing it now would ruin everything in the game that I remembered as a young one.

    Lego: Marvel and Borderlands 2 probably. I really don't like the Psycho class in BL2 though...but I'm too far in and can't be bothered restarting.

      IMO he's only good in Co-op x3

        I think I'm gonna reset his stats and start on the Hellborn tree. Sounds awesome.

    This War of Mine, and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1.

    One more trophy left for Bloodborne Platinum so I will be frantically trying to get that done. Then when that is done I guess I will smash my way through darksouls 2 again on ps4.

    Checking out Affordable Space Adventures with the kiddy winks.

    Continuing plugging away at Dragon Age.
    Haven't been able to play any games this week because we are on a Netflix House of Cards binge session.

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