What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This week sure went quickly. What are you playing this weekend?

I’m not too sure. I used to know the answers to these questions but now I just take it as it comes. My guess is Bloodborne. I’m close to finishing it and the truth is I'm really hyped for NG+.

But on the flip-side, I've also been playing a lot of OlliOlli 2 and I'm dead keen on Titan Souls. I really want to play that one on the PS Vita since I haven't really played that console since Grim Fandango.

So after a slow start to 2015, it's really picking up and I have to say, it's been a while since I've enjoyed playing games so much. And The Witcher 3 is just around the corner. Man, this could end up being a very good year indeed.


    GTA V.

      Yup me too, as I finally got it working last night after several hours troubleshooting.

      Some of this ^, some MKX... and some X-wing games tonight, try out my new scum and villiany builds :D

    Mortal Kombat X.
    Also some D&D, currently knocked out and getting dragged by Orcs.

    During this time I'm also going to finally start uploading my Let's Play I did. Got my own shtick and everything.

    I'll be playing Bloodborne, but I have been making little progress... So, it could be the last time.

    Breaking my "finish one game before starting another" rule. I've still put ~ 20 hours in, so I don't feel so bad stopping.

    Otherwise, not too sure. Maybe a JRPG.

      Any part in particular that you are stuck on?

        Now, it's important to remember before I answer this question that a) I am atrocious at video games, and b) that this is my first 'Souls' game.

        Okay, the answer is: The 2nd boss. :D

        I have no doubt it'd only take me another couple of attempts, it's just I need more blood vials, and I couldn't be bothered collecting them at the time, so I got cranky and stopped.

        I could always look at a walkthrough as well.

        Anyway, I'll probably keep slowly progressing.

          It's cool that you're making the attempt. When I first started Demon's Souls (my only other Souls game so far) it took me a lot of tries to get past the first proper boss. I take it you are stuck on Father G. If you've got some insight and are playing online, might I suggest summoning help? It makes it a lot easier.

            Yes, it is Father G.

            I'm only playing offline, as no PS+, thanks for the suggestion though.

            If I go back with a clear head, and an in the right mood, I should keep progressing, even if it takes a long time.

              For me I found the easiest way to defeat him is to make sure you parry his attack by shooting him @ the right moment, then get close and press R1 to do massive damage. Also make sure you only use the music box 3 times in a fight as to not aggravate him too much.

      I'd advise you to stick with it, it's an amazing game and I feel it really picks up towards the end.

    GTAV and Diablo 3.

    Hopefully next weekend I'll be playing on my new gaming PC! Sooooo many Steam games...


      What are you getting?

        Gotta be honest, I'm not entirely sure. I'm leaving the details up to someone who actually knows about that stuff. I used to know... back in the late 90s haha.

        It won't be super top end, though. Doh haha.


    Would love to play online, but far far far far far too many Scorpion scrubs repeating the same moves (who really hate it when you do it back to them) - if anyone wants to play MKX online and DOESNT WANT TO USE SCORPION - because you know there are 24 other characters in the game - send me a PS4 friend request

      So it's like any other fighting game eh?

      Just use a heavy beatdown character like Jacquie.

      This makes me sad because I've been an MK fan since the original game and Scorpion has always been my favourite.

        Same! Though this has brought back fond nostalgia memories. Playing MK2 at the local arcade every day in the school holidays I got to know some of the regulars. One guy would challenge me to a match, I'd pick Scorpion and win every time. Just before school went back, he wanted a win so asked me to choose someone else. I picked Shang Tsung and for most of round 1, I morphed to Scorpion. He had a bit of a cry so second round I didn't, but finished with his Kintaro fatality. He'd never seen it before and was blown away.

        Good times, and not one of us made death threats, racial slurs or teabagged each other. What has the world come to.

    Ive just got Dark souls 2 sotfs. So some of that & maybe a bit of Breaking point.

    Probably Mortal Kombat X, Zen Pinball 2, DriveClub and more Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.

    Probably some Borderlands: TPS with friends for a bit. Then outside of that DMC: Definitive Edition and Suikoden.

    MK X for sure :) hopefully not giving myself blisters on my thumbs again lol
    Probably a bit of Ryse too, as I've finally got around to playing that

    *sigh* Destiny. Going to start actively hunting for VoG groups to start my hunt for a Fatebringer.
    Also will get some Rocksmith in - Thin Lizzy this week looks pretty good. Maybe some GTAV, too.

    Borrowed DA:I so that.
    And also a Star Wars marathon will have to be squeezed in there somewhere now.

      And also a Star Wars marathon will have to be squeezed in there somewhere now.

      I like the way you think!

        Originals only ;)

          Nah, watch the Machete version.

            I hadn't heard of this one, just did that thing were you search and stuff. For those too lazy:

            I like it, I'll go Machete when my kids watch it.

    Dying Light - Late starter on this one. Love it. I'm 69% through the story and last night was the first time II had the balls to run around after sun down. Thats some scary business in the dark.

    Spent a good 3 hours last night installing GTA V from seven discs. It marked the most time I've spent with a CD drive since the 90's.

    Hopefully the 5gb download has gone well today and I'll be playing tonight.

    Replaying silent hill shattered memories. It's been a long while, and I rember it having fantastic torch effects, controls, speaker usage, and character animation.

    I'm also two levels from 80 in guild wars 2 for the first time, despite owning the game since the beta. Not sure why it's taken so long, it's by far my favourite modem mmo...

    I'm tossing up between migrating my current setup over to a new hard drive or just doing a fresh install on the new hard drive, so either way I'm going to be stuck on consoles most of the weekend.
    I think I've finally broken the back of Resident Evil. I decided to go in blind on Normal without saving so this first run of Jill's campaign has taken me quite a while. Luckily I seem to have an easier time with the later portions of the game (except those stupid bug men). Wednesday night I managed to get up to the Tyrant fight on the helipad with 2 minutes remaining on the self destruct timer. For some reason when Tyrant hit me I didn't think to use a healing item so when he got in a second sucker punch I died. Right there at the finish line. On the plus side I know roughly how useless the Grenade Launcher is on him, so I'll use that ammo earlier on and save the Magnum rounds for Tyrant.

      Damnit. I paused to make lunch and ended up getting a time of 5:07. If I had of had two minutes noodles instead I would have got my five hour run out of the way. Oh well, at least I can save now.

    Away for the weekend, but when I'm back, I'll dive back into GTA V! Until then, I'll be enjoying the Katoomba views!

    Im going to attempt to play GTA V online again. I have never seen online so atrocious before. It matchmakes you with people from the opposite side of the earth, people get dropped from missions all the time and so it instantly fails you. It kicks you if you go afk even if you are in an online "Solo" session.

    Often times when you start a mission with 4 people at least one of them will drop out on the loading screen due to a bug. If you start a mission with a party of a few friends and then the mission fails because someone got the loading screen bug and dropped out then instead of kicking you back to be in a party session like you were before you started the mission it splits you all up and dumps you into random online sessions.

    Singleplayer seems to work fine though.

    Star Wars Battlefront 2! Obviously.

    I Love Pasta on my phone as I finish up the last half of "Daredevil". Aaand if theres time, some bloodborne..

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