What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I playing? Well I'm kicking off my NG+ in Bloodborne, which is cool. Took down the Cleric Beast, which was harder than I thought it would be. I'll also be playing Titan Souls on my PS Vita I expect. Also toying with playing through Ori and the Blind Forest.

And in the back of my mind, I'm also thinking about finishing off a Metroid Prime playthrough I started before Bloodborne came out.

Oh, and there's OlliOlli 2. A lengthy list to be sure.

What are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend?


    Pretty much the only thing that I'm playing these days is Spelunky. It's on sale right now on Steam. Everyone else can join my misery!

    That being said, that new Mario Kart DLC with 200CC mode looks sexy. Sexy enough that I really should get that copy of Mario Kart that I've been meaning to pick up for a long, long while.

      I tried to go back to Spelunky (it turns out I did unlock a shortcut to the jungle when I played it before, btw) and I hate it. Sorry.

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    Bloodborne for sure, Ace Attorney trilogy probably, and maybe the new Mario Kart tracks and 200cc races! \o/

    GTAV now that im home from my holiday that started the day after GTAV launched on pc

    I'm playing L.A. Cops right now, it's pretty meh, definitely wait till it's on sale if you're thinking about picking it up.

    I also plan on playing some Mortal Kombat X, Titan Souls, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and some Rabbids Invasion with my son.

    Candy Crush
    Clash of Clans
    Simpsons Tapped Out

    Yes I'm going to an Indian restaurant tonight.

      You could also play the "Talk to the other people at dinner" game.....

        "Level gained: Lvl 2 Social skills - Witty remarks unlocked."

      Well you should just order a cheese naan and revel in its tasty goodness

    Well, maybe I should look into this ANZAC thing that's happening.

    Mortal Kombat X, having too much fun with it. Wish I switched to the NBN so that I could stream some Ferra/Torr wins.
    I also have a Warmachine/Hordes tournament on Sunday, then dashing straight to D&D to find out how badly the other players killed my character when I'm not there to defend myself.

    Also, I might get around to finally finishing my Halo 2 review. It's been done but now I have to go through the moment of cutting so much content to make it shorter. Or splitting it into 4 parts.

    Got a bit of racing comp on Star Citizen Saturday but other than that GTAV hopefully.

    Some BF: Hardline. Aiming to get my weapons license for the P90.

    May drop in on Bloodborne and just invade everyone's world just too annoy some people.

    That's my plans.

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    I've been hooked on football manager 2015 this week, I'll probably play that, mortal kombat and maybe start olli olli 2 or valiant hearts which I got when it was free. With the NBA play offs on I probably won't play much though.

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    Bloodborne, a bit more Bloodborne, and also some Bloodborne if I can squeeze it in.

    Still on my first playthrough, 45 hours in and haven't beaten Rom yet. Yes, I'm taking my sweet time :-) Collector's edition guide should arrive next Friday.

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      Still waiting on my guide, ironically I will have platinum-ed the game by the time it arrives. Not quite sure why the release was pushed so far back.

    Hoping to pop over to @gutsoup 's for some MKX tonight.

    Then hopefully one or two of those Telltale games I got on the PSN special (bargain).

    & The 2nd Evil Within dlc

    & maybe a touch of Pokemon Rumble World

      Was thinking about getting that, but I've already paid for season passes for Game Of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands.

      Still, I s'pose 60 bucks isn't too bad for The Wolf Among Us and two seasons of The Walking Dead.


        I already own WD s1.

    Possibly Borderlands Pre-Sequel with friends, then finishing inFamous: Second Light and starting Tomb Raider: Definitive Ed. I'll also have Suikoden running in the downtimes.

      Tomb Raider is so good.

    Heading to a mate's place this evening to help him out with some household stuff and taking my lappy. Will probably play a mixture of BF Hardline and Elite Dangerous when not drilling holes or bolting things together.

    After returning home, will continue mainlining my world exploration goal in GW2 (goddamn Tyria is a big place) and gathering materials to finish my ascended gear. Silverwastes chest trains ahoy!

    Just started my GWG copy of Bioshock Infinite (originally played It on pc) so probably that and some Mario Kart 8!

    I started playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 earlier this week. It's surprisingly good so I'll probably stick with that this weekend.

      I chickened out if buying it because it didn't sound puzzly enough.
      I'm a fan of t&e classic style.

        There's no real puzzles, unless you count Half-Life style 'press the button then go back to where you started' and 'push this box then stand on it' puzzles. It doesn't sound like a positive change but the way they've done it is really nice. Instead of being like Resident Evil 5 where it's just pretending to have puzzles for legacy reasons they've acknowledged that the game is going in a different direction and made a proper split from that sort of content. Rather than being full of half hearted token gestures in an attempt to convince classic RE fans it's still for them while clearly ditching them in favour of courting action fans it just admits that it's an action game and the end result is something that's enjoyable as it's own seperate thing.
        The episodes seem a little short but they're only like $8 each and there's a fair bit of replayability with Countdown and Invisible Enemy modes. Not to mention the Raid mode is pretty sweet. I don't normally enjoy horde modes but this one feels more offensive than defensive which I like.

        Short version - it's not a classic RE game but it admits it and does a good job at what it is.

    Shovel Knight on Vita, Bloodborne if I can be bothered... might go back to finishing Far Cry 4.

      Was gonna grab Shovel Vita but ended getting the Telltale bundle instead.

      Far Cry 4 is great but the story is pretty weak compared to Far Cry 3. The plot made sense in 3, Jason escaped pirates and he needed to save his friends so he had to pick up a gun for the first time and kill people.

      Ajay on the other hand didn't really need to take part in the civil war, as evidenced by (spoiler) waiting when Pagan Min tells him to and ending the game without killing a single person. It just seemed a bit forced.

    Destiny. News about House of Wolves has me pretty pumped so I'm going to renew my efforts and stockpile gear for upgrading once the new items/vendors are avilable.

    Most likely Work Simulator 2015. But at least I have the After Hours: Netflix expansion, :-)

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