What’s The Best Shiny Pokémon You’ve Captured?

What’s The Best Shiny Pokémon You’ve Captured?

Some people play Pokémon for years without ever encountering any special colour variations of their favourite pocket monsters. But for those of you that have been lucky enough to find a shiny in Pokémon, what did you encounter? And were you able to catch it?

Since shiny Pokémon are so rare, encounters with them tend to be very memorable. I’m willing to bet that you remember all your shiny encounters very crisply, doubly so if the Pokémon got away.

Personally, I’ve only come across a couple of shiny Pokemon. The first was a Zubat back in Pokémon Ruby. I had been in a cave for a long while, and my health was running low. Naturally, this meant I kept getting random encounters left and right, all of which threatened to wipe me out — I didn’t come prepared. Amidst all these unwanted encounters, I happened about a shiny Zubat. Funny thing is, I was so adamant about finding the cave exit that I nearly ran away from the battle. It took a few seconds for my brain to register the idea that I wasn’t looking at any ol’ annoying Zubat, but rather a super-rare variety of Zubat.

I remember feeling conflicted: yes, it was a shiny Pokémon, and that made it rare. But did I even want a shiny Zubat? It’s not exactly a Pokemon I’d brag about having. Still, I caught it anyway — it was the first shiny I’d ever seen in-game. I couldn’t pass it up. Nowadays getting a shiny Pokémon feels way easier given the advent of online trading, but I’m still always going to remember that Zubat. Though I admit I’m still a little bitter that I’ve never encountered a cool shiny Pokémon. It’s always been kind of eh Pokémon that I captured anyway, just because they were shiny.

I’m curious: what shiny Pokémon have you encountered? How far have you gone tohunt shiny Pokemon? Hell, have you ever seen a shiny Pokemon from a random encounter at all? Feel free to share your stories in the comments.


  • You’re not looking at it long term. Shiny Zubat now = Shiny Crobat later.

    For me, I’ve got a few shiny stories.

    My first was a shiny Growlithe in Gold. I couldn’t tell it was shiny at the time, because I was playing on an original GB at the time. Was a major surprise when I upgraded to a GBC!

    One of my favorite captures was a shiny Exeggcute in HG/SS. Nothing special about the encounter, but gold Exeggcute is bling as hell.

    The most heartbreaking one was in FR/LG. A shiny Chansey is Safari Zone. That did not end well…

  • The very first shiny pokemon I got was the very first Magikarp hatched from the egg of a female(!!!) red Gyarados (from Rage Lake, of course) and a normal Gyarados.

    Needless to say, as the 12ish year old lad I was, I was a bit confused about why subsequent egg hatches were all normal magikarp.

  • I think that the best shiny I ever caught was the first one I ever encountered (aside from the customary Red Gyrados) was a Shiny Wingull in the original Pokémon Sapphire. I was stoked when I first saw it and I’ve been kicking myself ever since I forgot about it and restarted my game on that cartridge.

    However, if I hadn’t restarted, I would never have encountered a Shiny Poochyena within only a few minutes after gaining access to Pokeballs in my last ever run of the original Sapphire.

    I’ve never gotten the knack for shiny hunting (I can’t seem to quite grasp the mechanics involved) but I’ve managed to beat the odds and score a few random shiny Pokémon over the years. Maybe it’s time I started figuring shiny hunting out.

  • Commented on the wrong article…
    Only shiny I’ve ever caught was a Gothorita.
    I’m not complaining, even though she’s ugly XP
    I may have caught more on my Gameboy colour, but it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s shiny or not, being colour blind.
    Really gotta look for those sparkles :3

  • Shiny Electrike in Alpha Sapphire. Now, I have a shiny mega Manectric. Literally the only other shiny I’d ever gotten was a shiny Geodude in Silver, years ago, so that was neat.

  • A meowth on Silver. I was too scared to evolve it in case it lost its shininess. Long lost to the void of dead battery packs and no transferring forward from gen 2.

    I went a little crazy for shinies in gen 6. So far I’ve caught in Y:
    Amoonguss, Forretress, Magneton, Nincada, Trapinch, Fletchinder, 4x Ponyta, Pupitar, Dunsparce, Mime Jr, Roggenrola
    Hatched in Y:
    Trapinch, Magnemite, 2x Charmander, Staryu, Togepi, Sableye, Carbink, Rotom
    Caught in OR:
    Cresselia, Latias, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie (missed Ho-oh on my first shot)

    I may have a bit of a problem…

  • First shiny I ever got was a shiny miltank in silver version.
    Best Shiny I ever caught was a petilil in White 2 that I raised into an utter beast.
    Best Shiny I have period is a Froslass from an egg which was part of my breeding program that resulted in a perfect IV shiny.

    Funnily enough I found my old copy of crystal version a couple months ago and was surprised to find the battery was still fine. upon further analysis it seemed the last thing I’d done with that game was clone my starter to run through the game with a party of only feraligators. I also had a elekid that I’d gotten from the daycare center egg you get that I kept in my party to use flash. Randomly decided to train up the thing and it turns out I’d had a shiny elekid for years and never realised because the shiny colour is almost the same as regular and I’d never used it in battle to see the sparkle before.

  • Spent an awfully long time breeding a shiny Beldum… about six months before they announced a free one for everyone :/

  • Only shiny I’ve ever caught was the Red Gyarados. And I’ve been playing since Yellow 🙁

  • I got a shiny Snorlax once, in Pokemon FireRed. That was incredible since a) this was back before there were shiny farming methods, b) Snorlax is one of a kind, so there’s little margin for error, and c) it was good enough to have on my team. The only other shinies I’ve ever found were a Marril, and a Flabebe, the latter of which i traded for an Axew (I know, right0 because I was too lazy to look for one myself.

  • Not the best, but I will always remember it being my first shiny Pokemon (and it surprised me as I had no idea shiny Pokemon where a thing).

    Tentacool. Clearly the best shiny Pokemon a 12 year old playing Silver could ask for.

  • All my shinies were way back on Gold. My first and most rememberable encounter was in the bug catching contest. Came across a shiny caterpie. Caught it. Entered it. Didnt win. Still bitter.

    Then came across a rattata and a tangela shinies. Became a shiny legend back in the day at school before many of these were encountered, haha.

  • My first ever was WEEDLE and it was last week when I restarted Y, I have been playing since Red/Blue.

    I was like omg YES!! then was like could have been better, then I remember Bedrill Mega Evolves

  • I have 6 shinies

    Three Red Gyarados from HGSS

    A shiny Metagross from event in ORAS Which I got to lvl 100

    A shiny sharpedo from wonder trade. I got it as a carvana and was so exited for an amazingly cool sharpedo. It ended up purple.

    And finnally the only shiny I found by luck in the wild a shiny whismur that I found while ev training.

  • I’ve been playing since pokemon red and blue and never seen a shiny (other than red gyarados in silver/gold) =P

  • in pokemon heartgold i was in the icy cave encountering a lot of swinub and i continuously clicked run. see shiny: click run:facepalm. i had more success this year as i caught a shiny magneton.

  • Sun and Moon shiny tentacool and (from pure and utter luck ) an alolan dugtrio !!! I also seen a shiny pikipek but when I told my brother he reached over and pressed run 🙁

  • Well, the first shiny i caught was a shiny Numel. At first i was a little dissappointed until i realized that a Numel evolves into Camerupt and i’ve had it long enough to get it to lvl 100. Note that i wasn’t even searching for Numel or Shiny hunting now I know how lucky i am because someone had been searching for 4 days and a chain of 80 and got it.

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