What's The Worst Troll You've Encountered?

What's The Worst Troll You've Encountered?

Over a game of some Call of Duty, someone once asked me if I worked at Hooters. Because I am a woman with a woman's voice and this is a thing you ask people, I guess? Shockingly, that's one of the few "troll" stories I have to share from my time gaming with people online. I bet you have better ones.

My troll didn't lead me too far into this dumb discussion, probably because I did not entertain it. I suppose he did manage to troll me in the sense that I left the game immediately, but I am not one to sit around in an unfriendly game of what is supposed to be helping me blow off steam when there are plenty of other game lobbies in the sea. Or something. The only hostility I look for in a game is the virtual-killing-you kind, thank you.

So share your stories and your woes below.


    Nothing too bad, just death threats and rape threats.

    As there hasn't been a historical precedence of physical, sexual, gender, etc abuse against my cohort it doesn't really bother me.

    Helps that I'm 6ft4 and 115kg.

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    Gotta say the most offensive reply I've received was on Kotaku, but it wasn't so bad in it's self. Pretty mild stuff. It was 'ugly' because it was personal. I can understand someone having different opinions to my own and people trying to get their point across to me. What I don't understand is the need to insult people you don't agree with. Surly that's not part of a discussion which can naturally have two sides? It certainly doesn't help me see their side of the discussion.

    Trolls on the other hand, I'd say on Eurogamer. Typical Xmedia type stuff about secret GPU's and stuff.

    And also about a year ago, the last time a played CoD. I was standing about just having a good time and a team mate decided I was in his way and started yelling at me. I told him to calm down, it's just CoD. He didn't like that.

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      Thats abuse. Not trolling. There is difference.

        I have a few points in my post ;)

        Like: "Trolls on the other hand"

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    That's a pretty tame and bad example of trolling. That's more just people being jerks. There's a difference. And for every jerk like this, I bet you spoke to a dozen nice people - but those stories and experiences are rarely covered. Being offended makes for better 'news', doesn't it?

    Also there's good trolls. Like the Ken M. persona for instance that's done in jest and never really hurts anyone.

    According to about 15% of people I've played against in CoD, my mom has been very unfaithful to my dad. Should this phase me? Hell no, it's just stupid banter. Ignore it and move on.

    To quote an example of excellent trolling from another article on here:

    Infamously, Dark Souls had an item called a Pendant that some players wracked their brains over, trying to figure out what it did. A year after its release, the director beind the game, Hidetaka Miyazaki, revealed that the item did absolutely nothing. The entire thing was a troll, exacerbated by the fact that Miyazaki once said that he always picked this item or nothing at all when starting the game — leading players to believe that it must have some function. But no. It was the director, pulling everyone’s leg. “When it comes to the pendant, I actually had a little bit of an intention to play a prank.” Miyazaki told IGN.

    Now that's proper, good trolling.

    There was a guy at college who was always trying to "troll" everyone. He was absolutely terrible at it.

    Funny you should say this. I was on Miiverse recently, and I was on the Sonic Boom page on my WIi U. I like the Sonic Boom games, and am a fan of the Sonic Boom Shows, but I really hate seeing people Trolling the Miiverse Pages of the games I like. So one guy was off his head "F**K THIS GAME I CAN'T BELIEVE I PLAYED THIS S**T GLITCHES!!!!1111one" Etc, and other users were saying "If you don't like it then why are you here on this page then? This place is for people who enjoy the games."
    I joined in and said "Don't feed the troll, people like that should not even be allowed to post here. I thought there was nothing wrong with the game at all. In fact I really enjoyed it".
    I post my reply and then come on Miiverse the next few days and I get a inbox message from an admin. "Your post has been removed because it was found to be hateful and inappropriate." I check which post it was and it was the one I put up the other day, replying to the troll's unfair comments. I got a post unfairly deleted because I politely told a user to stop trolling. So basically, he didn't like it how I disagreed with him and reported my comment just for the heck of it.
    So I decided, I won't use Miiverse anymore if both trolls and mods treat you like this just because you want to defend a game that you enjoy.
    People also troll me when I like something that they don't so when I start talking about my favorite things I sometimes get trolled on the Internet, so I have learned to stop being involved in too much heavy discussion and personal information, I just keep to myself.

    Oh yeah, i've also had really bad experiences with trolls on the Sonic Stadium Message Boards (even with some admins) and I know the Sonic Fanbase on the internet really has a bad reputation like that (but don't worry i'm not like one of them, i'm a Sonic fan who actually likes Sonic) so I have decided to not go back to the Sonic Stadium anymore, since I really didn't enjoy it there. They take things so god damn literally over there it just drives me mad.

    I get troll replies on Facebook and Twitter sometimes occasionally, but I just tend to ignore them

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    remember that troll who single handedly made Alvin-earthworm stop making the flash series "Super Mario Bros Z?"

    My 10 year old son was playing xbox live and had received a slightly abusive message and I responded with a message asking why he felt the need to abuse a 10 year old boy and was told fuck you and your son if I could find him they would rape him.

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    You know, I am getting quite sick of people thinking trolling is about abusing people. Its not. It never has been. It never should be. Trolling is about writing or acting like your being dead serious to trick people in to responding to it.

    As mentioned by coconut, the the Dark Souls Pendent is trolling. However, someone calling you names is not. That's abuse and/or bulling. LEARN THE GOD DAM FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

    As for worst trolls, pretty much every single headline in on Kotaku. You read it, go 'That sounds cool!' but instead of an article, all you get is one line of text and pictures. That is NOT journalism. That is mass media trolling...

    EDIT: At the writer: That dose not count as a troll. It counts as a question... WTF is wrong with people? They get told or asked something they don't like, and they think that is trolling? FFS, no, its not.

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