Why People Say Dragon’s Dogma Online Looks Like Final Fantasy XIV 

Why People Say Dragon’s Dogma Online Looks Like Final Fantasy XIV 

As net users in Japan have pointed out, the Dragon’s Dogma Online interface seems to resemble the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV. That’s not surprising. Not at all.

After an initial rocky rollout, a revamped Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was released in 2013 and has become a success for Square Enix. Capcom is releasing Dragon’s Dogma Online sometime this year in Japan.

But yes, most MMOs use a similar layout for user interface. If anything, Final Fantasy XIV is heavily influenced by successful online games that have gone before (thanks, Blizzard!). So of course the games will resemble each other! But, beyond that, there are some other similarities fans have noticed.

For example, via 2ch, here are the pop-up windows in Final Fantasy XIV:

And here is Dragon’s Dogma Online:

Here is the cross-hotbar in Final Fantasy IV, which Square Enix developed for consoles:

[Photo: baronffxiv]

And the shortcut bar in Dragon’s Dogma Online — which might look too much like FFXIV‘s shortcut:

Via Hachima, here is the teleport in Final Fantasy XIV:

And this is the base point Dragon’s Dogma Online:

Because of the fantasy settings in both games, there are other similarities, such as a hydra appearing in FFXIV and one appearing in Dragon’s Dogma Online. Those similarities seem like coincidences and genre conventions. Big deal, whatever.

I mean, Final Fantasy XIV didn’t invent the hydra, nor did it invent the MMORPG. Still, certain elements of Dragon’s Dogma Online do seem familiar. And while the UI is important, nobody will keep playing Dragon’s Dogma Online if the interface is good, but the rest of the game is crap. They also won’t play it if it seems like a lesser FFXIV. It’s gotta be good. Or, at least, good enough.


  • Honestly that makes me more excited for it, FFXIV has a pretty good UI, and imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

  • Hilariously enough, the Hydra mob in FFXIV only appeared in the Relic Reborn Trial. Come 2.3, SE can’t stop pooping them out. There’s a giant one that occasionally appears in Eastern Thanalan (2.3), a mechanical one in the IC-06 Regeneration Grid (Turn 11 – 2.4) and TWO in the World of Darkness (Two Headed Dragon and Five Headed Dragon… the latter of which should have been Echidna. This was 2.5).

  • I was shrugging until the last screenshot. Without having seen captions, I skimmed and assumed that was from FF14.

  • Paper dolls, hit point bars, a chat window, a shortcut bar, a minimap…

    Yes, that’s an Everquest clone.

  • How does this ruin an existing game that is completely untouched by it?

    And how do you know it’ll be a shitty MMO? It might be amazing.

  • Lets just hope DD’s awesome combat system is still in place. Otherwise this may as well be generic mmo no.552

  • I don’t thinks so cause ffxiv is an interesting mmo with more awesome dragons lol

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