World Of Warcraft's Toughest Boss, Killed In Under 3 Minutes

World of Warcraft's Toughest Boss, Killed In Under 3 Minutes

With better gear, people will do more and more crazy things in Warlords of Draenor's current raid. This insanely fast and impressive kill of Blackrock Foundry badass end-boss on Heroic difficulty is a good example.

What takes endless tries and around eight minutes of concentration for regular guilds took only two minutes and 58 secs for the 10-man group of High Council. Even though it's not set to the hardest Mythic difficulty, this is a crazy achievement. They have managed to do it this fast by bringing only one very good healer to the fight and focusing purely on damage.

Here's their kill video, they will probably be able to five-man this after patch 6.2 drops:


    It's debatable whether you'd call him the toughest boss. Most guilds got stuck on Imperator and it was arguably a more difficult fight. Kinda like how Blackfuse was a harder fight than Garrosh in Siege on mythic, the most recent end boss isn't always the hardest.

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    Do it without any mods or addon's... none, completely vanilla interface, then I might be impressed

      What difference does it make? it doesn't make any at all. threat is no longer an issue, dbm was never necessary unless you're the kind of player that dies to every trash mob in darksouls

    whoah whoah whoah. you mean 10 mythic geared people can kill the 10man tourist-mode version of a boss really, really quickly? In an age where mythic geared people can solo current content given enough skill, how is this even news?

      Since when the hell did Heroic become fucking tourist mode... dont be such an elitist douchebag dude... its not LFR.

        Amen. People like this are what make MMOs so bullshit these days.
        I am so over this asshole behaviour.

    Well I found it interesting. It must be hard to enjoy life when everything is sooo passé!

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