X-Wing And TIE Fighter Now Available On Steam

Briefly: Classic Star Wars spaceship shooters X-Wing and TIE Fighter are now available on Steam. Revered as two of the best Star Wars games of all time, they're joined by X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter in Valve's voluminous game hangar. Grab a joystick and blast some imperial/rebel/womp rat scum.


    Or get it on GoG where it's guaranteed to work.

      Both Steam and GOG versions use Dosbox, there's no compatibility difference.

      The important difference is that the GOG version now includes the 1994 (X-Wing) and 1995 (TIE Fighter) collector's edition versions of the games, which are widely considered the best versions.

        GOG offer support if there's issues though. Steam tell you to ask on the forums.

    These have both been on gog.com for six months already.
    X-wing Alliance and X-WIng vs Tie Fighter have also been available there for 3 months.

    Now how do I get it working in VR?

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