Xbox YouTube Channel Advertises The Witcher 3 With PC Footage

Today, the Xbox YouTube channel released a rad new video for the upcoming role-playing game The Witcher 3. There's just one problem: it's not actually running on an Xbox. Whoops.

Yep, despite that XBOX logo stamped on the bottom right corner of the above video, this is actually footage from the (presumably better-looking) PC version of the game. The easiest way to tell? You can run the YouTube video at 60 frames-per-second; the developers of The Witcher 3 (out May 19 for PS4/XB1/PC) have specified that the console versions are actually locked at 30 FPS.

A representative for developer CD Projekt Red confirmed to Kotaku this morning that this footage is indeed from the PC version.

So what's the deal here? Harmless mistake? False advertising? A little bit of both? Whatever the case, consider this a PSA for anyone who's considering buying the upcoming RPG: don't expect the Xbox One (or PS4) version to look this good.

UPDATE: Microsoft's added a new note to the YouTube description: "In game footage provided by CD Projekt Red, captured on a PC."


    Straight up false advertising. Not representative of the final product, misleading in all ways.

      > See all game advertising

        Not all, but it's definitely getting worse. That Battlefront trailer was as bullshot as bullshot could possibly be.

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          Totally agree on ^
          It surprised me that gaming journalists didn't call that out when the battlefront vid was distributed. It is blatant fantasyware peddling.

          "Bullshot" and using footage from a multi-platform game running on another platform that they also own (windows) in a trailer which contains both the Xbox and the windows logo at the end aren't exactly the same thing....

          People need to chill a little. They should have clarified, but it should also have been expected.

          I don't want to make it a fanboy thing, but this isn't in the same league as the Killzone 2 trailer, or the accidental use of Forza screenshots to advertise Gran Turismo, or the over editing of the Battlefront trailer....

            It depends how you view it. It is indeed false advertising and it's deceptive practice by MS. It may have been a simple mistake of using the wrong footage, but it's definitely something that needs to be called out.

            Bullshot also indicates something that's not possible, something that's completely undoable. In this case it's definitely bullshot because simply, The Witcher 3 does not run at 60fps 1080p on consoles, it's 900p 30fps. That's a huge difference, not so much the res but *absolutely* the animation, you can most definitely tell the difference there. So it does enter bullshot territory when you're using one to advertise the other.

              Like I said, it should have a little disclaimer down the bottom but it is also a multi-platform title and the ad does feature a MS and Windows logo as well as the Xbox one.

              If you've ever seen a multi-platform youtube vid, game announcement or TV commercial that hasn't got a little disclaimer down the bottom then you're looking at the exact same thing (that happens ALL THE TIME). I don't think that's anywhere near as bad as completely bullshitting their footage from scratch.

                It's as simple as this, if you're going to advertise the game coming to your platform, you advertise the footage from *your* platform. Nintendo has been called out for it before (and apologised) with one of their golf games when they used Xbox 360 footage I believe it was for a Wii game for example.

                It's at its core, false advertising. You cannot represent one product with another product. It is doing that, it's deceptive practices if you advertise one thing with features it does not have (resolution, frame rate) when it has another (lower resolution, lower frame rate), that is, for all intents and purposes, illegal, morally wrong and... stupid.

                  My word some of you guys need to calm the hell down

                  It's really not that big a deal,
                  You're acting like they slaughtered some puppies or something.

                  That’s fine, as long as everyone is held to the same standard and we get all our game trailers maxed out with 500 disclaimers indicating that the frame rate might drop occasionally, that your version might get a glitch, that trailers were shot multiple times to ensure there’s no screen tearing or that performance even on consoles might be impacted by outside factors.

                  The trailer should have made it clear that it was PC footage but the game is also primarily the same. It’s not different to the extent that an average person is going to care or even notice.

                  This thing is a more reasonable legal complaint, and that’s saying a lot!

            Windows is the bastard of the Xbox division at this stage, Microsoft only focus on Windows gaming when a new version is about to come out (see Halo 2 Vista, DirectX 11)

    UPDATE: Microsoft’s added a new note to the YouTube description: “In game footage provided by CD Projekt Red, captured on a PC.”

    You mean the description that you probably have to click to expand and read? It should be edited into the video, not put in a description that no one will read. False advertising

      The trailer has the f*cking Windows logo at the end! Who would have thought they'd use footage from the PC version?!

      Doesn’t this sh*t happen all the time?

      Ideally, yes it should say what platform it was shot on, but it’s not exactly standard practice. Multiplatform advertising is standard for most of your AAA titles. They posted an ad for a multiplatform game that works on their multiple platforms on their gaming channel! THE SHOCK OF IT ALL!

      Game trailers aren’t generally shot by console makers. They’re directed, edited and provided by the developer. The game isn’t out yet, Microsoft is using the footage they’re given, the same way that 99% of multiplatform trailers are only shot once and then shared across multiple platforms.

      It's not ideal but wow.... some people are getting really worked up about what is pretty standard practice. Have you never seen a non-descript game trailer that ends with 'coming to Xbox, Playstation and PC' at the end?

        I think you need to go to the xbox channel where it's clearly labelled Xbox all over it...

          I agree that it should be clearer (and it is now), I just don’t think it’s a huge deal.

          Like I said, it’s pretty standard practice and it does contain the windows logo too.

        The problem with this is that it is being advertised as an xbox game. On the xbox channel. It is not a multiplatform advertisement, it is an xbox advertisement.

    I guess there will be more of these type of promo coming from Microsoft from now. Every single Xbox console will show PC footage to mislead people.

    Come on CD Projekt Red Microsoft, don't let me down with little mistakes like these.

    I should probably clarify that since CD Projekt Red are my fav dev and I don't want crap like this to chew into their sales.

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      You should totally not buy their products.

      It's a conspiracy against you.

        Who are you, Major Nelson? You're all over this getting so defensive?

          How on earth is it Project Red’s fault?

          The Windows and Xbox logos were added by Microsoft, the video was posted by Microsoft on their Xbox page and the inept description of the game footage was written by Microsoft.

          There’s an argument to be had over how serious MS’s f*ck up is, but it’s clearly THEIR f*ck up to the extent that it is one.

          Who are you, Katz Hirai? You're all over this getting so butthurt about a non-issue?

          Sure sounds like it given how much you're going on about this.
          Seriously my god it's not some conspiracy, the footage is a good approximation of the product you'd receive by purchasing the Xbone version.

          GTF over it

        As if I'd do that. They're my favourite developer. I just don't want people to get all bitchy about a simple mistake like this and then make it a big deal.

        Also realised it was probably MS' fault, so fixed it up. Some intern probably not doing their job right, as opposed to intentionally trying to mislead people.

        Last edited 23/04/15 11:12 am

    This has been happening in the industry for a very long time. I'm not saying it's right but is absolutely anyone surprised?

    Oh no a company using false advertising - toothpaste, cars, shampoo, well lets just say all ads be shamed.

    People should stop using the argument that it happens everywhere so it doesn't matter. That doesn't make it okay.

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