Yes, I Too Would Like Super Meat Boy In Smash Bros.

The whole Nintendo taking votes on who should be in Super Smash Bros. thing is just a goddamn can of worms. There are just so many cool characters I'd love to see in that game, and I don't even play that often.

But guys, Super Meat Boy. Yes. Please.

Earlier, from their official twitter account, Team Meat tweeted this:

And I sort of squealed a little bit. I love and miss Super Meat Boy, the original game was incredible and back then I thought it was just the beginning. I thought there would be sequels, plushies, the whole nine yards. Turns out Team Meat have — probably wisely — been extremely protective of Super Meat Boy. It says a lot that the team would totally be cool with the main character being playable in Smash.

But seriously, there are so many characters I'd love to see in Super Smash Bros.. The list is near endless.


    Meat Boy could make it if
    1. Super Meat Boy is ported to a Nintendo platform
    2. The blood is removed in Smash

    #1 Choice: Isaac from Golden sun (selfish choice but I want him so bad)
    #2 Choir boys from Rhythm Heaven
    #3 Prof Layton

      Agree with Isaac, though I'd be happy with any Golden Sun character to be honest.

    I'd prefer Super Meat Boy on Vita

    Max or Mawlock from shining force would be cool.

    Meat Boy has never been on a Nintendo system... which is kind of the point of Smash Bros...

    King K Rool!!!!!!

    Nintendo has confirmed ANY video game characters can enter. The heavy? Or how bout Daisy from evolve? Too many options

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