You Can Now Embed Video Games Into Tweets

Dear lord. This changes everything. At the very least, it'll make me far less productive.

Thanks to the Internet Archive, it is now possible to embed playable versions of classic games in your tweets.

Look! Just click on that power button and you're playing Street Fighter II. In a tweet. Embedded in a news story.

Maybe Street Fighter 2 was a poor choice, takes ages to download. Try this...

And look at this!

You'll want to follow this link for this list of games that work.

What a magical time to be alive.

Via Gamasutra


    This is glorious and terrible all at once. I love the future.

      I still want my hoverboard but this will do in the meantime.

    Embed Skyrim and then get back to me.

    Why did you have to embed-ception Maniac Mansion in here? There goes my day...

    You can embed games into Tweets, but you cannot bold or italicize text. This is bullshit.

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