You'll Need To Play This Game Again And Again And Again...

You'll Need to Play This Game Again, And Again, And Again...

Sonder (still) sounds like a really cool game! To recap: it's a sci-fi game where you don't play as a single character, you play through the same events as every character. The more you observe and learn each time you play, the better prepared you'll be for your next go through.

Like Life is Strange, it also features a rewind button, which lets you experiment with the decisions you make; decisions that once made will stick, and be there for the next character you play as to experience/suffer.

Sonder is going to be episodic, with the first episode out on PC later this year.


    Am I the only person who doesn't like episodic as a gaming model?

      I'm with you. I want to play more of Tales from the Borderlands but here I am waiting

      If it means that the "whole game" can be produced and updated with new episodes quickly, then sure I'm cool with it. It really is like the name suggests; it's like a TV show instead of the traditional movie. I don't mind watching a TV show if I get an episode every week instead of waiting months till I can finally see a movie. That said, it still needs to have movie-like quality and be priced appropriately. I'm not paying a full game price for part of a game.

        My issue I guess is that unlike TV a game takes time to get in to. I don't like playing multiple games at the same time (unless one is something like nba2k or wow where it's repetitive) as I prefer to get right in to it and play through the whole thing. Gaming is different compared to tv for me, tv you can just turn it on and get in to an episode right away.

          I think that’s why it works for Telltale games but not for Resident Evil, as an example.

          The more action and “gamey” elements of the game the more important it is that you’re building a skill set over a few hours so the game can grow in challenge later on.

          It would suck to need to relearn and reaccustom to the controls of an action game 6 times because you’re taking a month off between every chapter. Death in a Telltale game just means a reset of 30 seconds or so and you normally get past the second time through, it doesn’t matter if you “un-learn” how to play.

      I feel there is not a single situation where its like, "Well, I wish that was an episodic game". Every single one that I have played to this date, I have waited until a couple are out. I think they are probably one of the WORST ideas anyone has had (DLC). Classic encouragement to make a game when you probably, obviously shouldn't since you can't make a full one.

      So no, I am in agreement with you. This is a dirty, dirty, model..,

      I don’t mind it for adventure style games. It works for the Telltale series.

      Generally if I really enjoy the 1st episode I’ll stop playing, wait until a week or two before the final episode is released and then start playing though. I do the same thing with TV if I feel that I can get away with it without some cock on Facebook posting a spoiler (ie not GoT).

      I don’t think it works for all kinds of game though, especially if it’s like the new resident evil and they’re just staging the release unnecessarily.

        On the flipside, I liked the "episodic" presentation of RE Revelations on the 3DS. It's probably better-suited to the handheld format like that where you're more likely to play in short bursts or whatever. I haven't tried out the Wii U version to see if it doesn't work as well there or not, but either way I liked it the first time around.

      I hear Dwight loves them.

        I'm sure he has a great time playing them with his 10 children and 10 different baby mamas. I hear his biggest issue is he can never decide what to play, he loads up one game for a minute than switches to another then back to the first and so on.

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          I heard he hates games that get hard and require him to try, he says he's ok with being P2 in coop but really he'd rather drive you into a wall repeatedly than be a passenger of a good player.

    absolutley not. episodic gaming is a plague

      It has it's place. Alan Wake, for example did it really well.

    Im 50/50, some games like walking dead are good, but then some others are not that great and you don't realise until you have already paid for the whole season..

    No, I can't stand waiting a month or more for the following episode of a game to get released. After the staggered torment of the first season of The Walking Dead by Telltale, I decided to wait until all the episodes were released for the second season before my girlfriend and I decided to play them. Waiting a week between episodes? Yeah, I could probably live with that. But waiting anywhere up to a month and a half between episodes that typically last just a few hours (or sometimes even less than that)? That's just plain annoying.

    EDIT: This was supposed to be a reply to stanvangundy at the top of the comments section.

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