12 Things You Didn’t Know About Mad Max

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road is coming out this week and by most accounts is gonna be an absolute barnstormer. But before you traipse off to the cinema, why not watch io9’s great video detailing all the tiny details of the first three Mad Max movies. There’s some truly fascinating stuff in here.

And it comes alongside a really great Mad Max article, which you should totally read, focusing on some of the craziest stories from the making of the original movies.

I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say this article is super long and super definitive. A must read if you — like me — are in the process of getting yourself psyched up for Mad Max: Fury Road.


  • I watched the first one a long time ago and thought it was pretty bad. Are 2 and 3 better?

    I was pretty young then so maybe I would appreciate it better. Thoughts?

    • I finally got around to watching them since they’ve been on TV these past few weeks – they haven’t aged particularly well, but you can definitely see why they were so influential – especially the second one. The third one is also interesting because it’s a decent piece until the Thunderdome, but the whole ‘Beyond Thunderdome’ aspect that is the title byline kinda makes it like Hancock; first half is an interesting lead-in to a solid character-driven action movie, second half goes off on weird tangents that tend to derail it all.

      Basically watch the second one more as a film study to better appreciate the likes of Borderlands, but don’t worry too much about the others.

    • I’ve only ever seen the first one and bits of 2, but I bought the trilogy on the weekend, so I’ll be spending the next few nights catching up before watching Fury Road on Thursday.

    • Watch them all. I’m not sure why people say they haven’t aged well. Given that the first one was made on a shoe string budget in the 1970’s and so uses cars of the time, the rest of the film really does make up its own world and language which continues into the sequels and so really doesn’t place it anywhere as far as a time goes. Viewed as a trilogy they really show an evolution – of a leading actor, director, storyline, and even of the Australian film industry (including the inevitable influence of Hollywood when the franchise got big enough). Of course that assumes you have an interest in those things.

  • How about awesome facts like, americans couldn’t understand australian accents so they dubbed over the first film with american actors.

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