26 Years Later, Jean-Claude Van Damme Remakes His Kickboxer Dance Scene

26 Years Later Jean-Claude Van Damme Remakes His Kickboxer Dance Scene

JCVD is still in good shape, and he proved it last night on Conan when he recreated a few minutes of VHS history: A dancing scene from his 1989 movie Kickboxer that didn't really end well.

The original scene from 26 years ago, with a different pair of angry dudes, is in the clip below too for comparison.


    I was hoping that Conan would roundhouse that 2nd guy (or at least kick him when he was down)...

    I still don't understand sunglasses indoors

      I think he has those creeper transition lenses.

        Also Hides those druggie eyes some people get... from drugs... not saying he does em.. just saying...

    He's looking pretty fly for a 54 year old.

    I just watched JCVD on Netflix. It's all trippy, weird, quaint, Euro, and fourth-wall breaking. Van Damme does a really emotional monologue towards the end of the movie that shows a side of his screen persona you've probably never seen. I'd recommend it if you like Van Damme but don't need to see him in an action flick.

    This made me LOL so hard, he's such a cool guy

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