7 Minutes Of Grittiness From Batman: Arkham Knight

Seven Minutes of Grittiness from Batman: Arkham Knight

If you've had a hard time tamping down your excitement for the next Batman game, this probably isn't going to help.

The official clip above looks to be from the early parts of Rocksteady Studios' next Dark Knight game and features the best look yet at the Batmobile vehicular combat. Since the game's not out yet, there's a chance that it may not feel as good as this clip looks. We'll see when the game comes out next month.


    Holy Batmobile that was awesome. I need to finish Witcher 3 asap.

    Not even watching. Just waiting for it to come out now. It's happening.

    I love how "Arkham" the vehicle combat is. Plus, that they seem to have made it so the batmobile can plow through anything makes me want to switch to using that instead of gliding and try and demolish some cars (not in character, hah, Batman does what Batman wants dammit)

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