A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date... Dogs

A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date...Dogs

As game narratives expand into new territories, some are bound to make us feel uncomfortable.

Hot Date is a dead simple, totally hilarious speed dating game in which you have rapid-fire conversations with a series of dogs — yes, dogs — about topics ranging from how one feels about modern Simpsons, which starting Pokemon you prefer, and if anyone likes jazz (sorry, Kirk!).

(Are you a dog? Are you a human? Let's not think about it too much right now.)

What starts as a simple back-and-forth becomes more amusingly complicated when the game gives you additional agency over the questions being asked. Here's how it can evolve over time:

A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date...Dogs

First, they might insult your name. Sir (m'am?), that is the name of my dog. It's cute, dammit.

Anyway, these basic phrases comprise the opening gambit of the date, which makes sense, since you're figuring out each person's social ticks. Pretty soon, the conversation starts opening up.

A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date...Dogs

I was pretty confused at first. Are? Do? Would? Maybe it's trying to be funny? I've certainly just said "what" as part of a conversation, so maybe Hot Date's quickly diving into messaging lingo.

But, no, there's more to it. Each of those are the beginning of a set of phrases you can start exploring. So while you can't actually type your own sentence, you're given a wide range of options in which to move the conversation forward.

A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date...Dogs

These go on and on for a few minutes before you're onto the next dog, and it starts over again.

As alluded to before, there's even the question to realise if this person is right for you or not.

A Hilarious Game Where You Can Date...Dogs

You shouldn't need to know anything more than that, really.

Hot Date doesn't technically cost anything to download, as it's currently pay what you want.

If you'd like to watch me play a few minutes, you can do so over here:


    So, Cory Bernadi was right. http://www.3news.co.nz/world/australian-politican-says-beastiality-could-follow-gay-marriage-2012091911#axzz3bf0n6296

    (Because this is the internet and people are self-righteous muppets who embody the antithesis of comedy, I'm obliged to note that I fundamentally disagree with MOST Liberal [capital L] policy about MOST things, including Bernadi's take on gay marriage. I wish nothing but good luck to Shorten and Plibersek on their Private Member's Bill on Monday!)

    This is way better than that faux Jurassic Park dating sim from awhile back.

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