A Horror Game Where You Can't See

A Horror Game Where You Can't See

There are lots of first-person games, but how many of the characters are blind? Perception, a new horror game from some ex-BioShock and Dead Space developers, is using that as its hook.

Right now, whether or not Perception exists is a big maybe, as it's currently trying to raise $US150,000 on Kickstarter. The game's been funded out of the developer's own pockets for a while, and they're looking to crowdfunding to finish it. They hope to ship next June.

The trailer they have released is super creepy, and shows off Perception's core mechanic, which involves tapping your cane to get a sense of what's around you.

The problem? Every time you make a noise, it alerts the spirits around you, the most menacing of which is an entity called The Presence.

Perception's main character, Cassie, has been having dreams about a house. Her research eventually leads her there, and she discovers supernatural forces that have been tormenting the residents for ages. Cassie is determined to find out why that is and stop it.

You know, supernatural forces like this horrifying thing.

A Horror Game Where You Can't See

As a horror buff, I'm always on the lookout for something new, different, and subversive to scare me. At the very least, Perception sounds promising, and it's unlike anything I've seen before.


    I'm super into backing Kickstarters, but oh lord, this looks too scary for me. Good luck to them though! Sounds like a great idea.

    (Side note - a Big Question about what games/things you've Kickstarted could be interesting!)

    Man, everyone's stealing Josh's game idea.

    MHO: It's interesting to see a first-person horror game with such constant narration - it doesn't really give you much opportunity to get scared yourself.

    I'm hoping that's something they have used just for the trailer, because the mechanic for this looks potentially very creepy.

      I get the feeling it might just be for the trailer - it would seem possibly a little bit too sparse without it, for an introduction to the game?

        Definitely! Fingers crossed :)

    This reminds me a lot of Gone Home.

      Steve Gaynor was all gung ho about it on Twitter. Apartment reminds me of it too.

    Damn you kickstarter, take some more of my money...

    I'm skeptical. I mean, I WANT to like the concept... but games are a visual medium, and that trailer has us seeing an awful lot of... uh, seeing... for a blind character. I get it, bat-vision, etc., but still.

    The premise SOUNDS (heh) interesting, but I've been burned before on optimism; so the pessimist in me is predicting that this'll be really just like any other big shadows\little flashlight game - only footsteps and bat-vision taking the place of the blinky little flashlight.

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