A New Expansion Called Rising Tide Will Be Making Civilisation: Beyond Earth Bigger -- And Wetter

Civilisation: Beyond Earth is getting a new expansion. For the first time in a Civilisation game, water tiles will play a significant part in how players build cities. DIY Rapture, here we come.

A new expansion called Rising Tide will be making Civilisation: Beyond Earth bigger — and wetter. The add-on will bring oceanic exploration, along with new enemies, factions and Diplomatic Traits to the game when it releases this spring.


    Aquatic cities were present in Alpha Centauri, so you could certainly contest the whole "first time in a Civ game" statement. Still, I'm actually looking forward to this expansion. Beyond Earth could really use a boost to make things more interesting.

      Contest harder. Underwater cities in Civ2: Test of Time (the standalone expansion)

        As did the Call to Power spinoffs.

        Man the first one of those was excellent.

    I never ended up buying it. Has it improved at all?

      I believe this is the first expansion so it should be pretty much the same as it was at launch

        They've had no major patches in the interim? Civ V did :'(

          Had some patches and changed the way a few things worked. But as far as I'm aware the game was always fairly stable, the issue was just lack of content compared to Civ V + DLC
          This is just the first step towards that

            Ahh ok, I had a few mates say they needed to fix some of game functions as opposed to DLC :) I might pick it up then!

            Edit: Also thanks @tigerion!

            Last edited 19/05/15 1:36 pm

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