A Real Plumber Wouldn't Last Long In The Mushroom Kingdom (NSFW)

Video: "What the f**k is this place?!" Now that's the sort of down-to-earth question a real plumber would ask when confronted with a magical mushroom kingdom.

Other pertinent questions asked in Animation Domination High-Def's latest short include "Who hangs a brick in the sky?", "Where'd you get unlimited hammers?" and "Why the hell did that guy build that bridge like that?"

"OK, that's ma big f**king turtle." Truer words.


    Another fundamental fail, for some reason there is an axe on the other side of Bowser Mario uses to cut down the Bridge.

    This just in. Fox ADHD once again fails to be funny.

    Well I wanted thatto be a lot funnier than it actually was...don't think I cracked a smile once

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