A Very Bloodborne Sneak Attack


    Really? a 50mb gif and nothing else?

    Where's my game news damnit?!?!

      It looks even more ridiculous from my gif-blocked perspective. Some kind of tweet-like non-sequitur:
      A Very Bloodborne Sneak Attack
      What is this, a stealth game?
      (via uncle-scrooge @ Reddit)

      Or maybe it's a badly written haiku?

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        Bloodborne is sneaky
        Ugly monsters strike you down
        You are dead, oh well.

        I dunno.

    Im so ashamed I fell for this clickbait shit

    that took ages to load even for me and I'm on 100mb cable.

    The agony. I waited 2 minutes for this to load. Was it worth it?


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    The gif looks like a setup, because the second minion can be seen approaching if you take even the slightest look around from when you come down the steps. The player would also hear it approaching. Nice scene, but not genuine in my view.

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