Report: Project Morpheus Coming June 2016

Virtual reality is the next big thing and it will be coming to PlayStations in the first half of next year. At least, that's what the latest newspaper reports from Japan are saying.

According to Japanese newspaper Asahi, Sony says Project Morpheus is slated to go on sale before June 2016. It's unclear if that release window is for Japan or if it's global.

"It is scheduled to launch before the end of June next year," the newspaper confidently wrote. Interesting times ahead.


    Morpheus going be like PS Move and Vita , Sony send to dead

    Solid article... Don't worry, I'll google some stuff about project morpheus..

      Not really sure what the problem is. They have embedded a link in the text to a whole thread of morpheus articles.

        I dunno, I just feel that if you're going to write an article, put some actual content in..

        I mean, I could do the same thing:

        Project morpheus coming june 2016 :

        Just saying

          Followed your link and ended up back here, there is no escape.

    Really looking forward to it. By the look of it it won't be launching too long after the Oculus Rift.

    Does it make you vomit?? I think THAT is the question people want answered.....

    It'd be great if they would start doing demo's for this in shopping centres, retailers etc leading up to launch.

      Yeah, that's going to be the difficult part, I think. It's certainly not the kind of thing I'd even consider buying without trying it out extensively first since I'm about 80% sure it'll give me motion sickness.

      But on the other hand, the thought of wandering into a Westfield somewhere and sticking that thing on my head after it has sat on the disgusting, sweaty, unwashed heads of any number of bogans first... no thanks.

    I just need this and EVE Valkyrie.

    I wonder if Sony are going to c0(block PC compatibility.

    I want this to work with the Division.... but the Dinosaur ( Open World game that supports Morpheus that released a trailer last week looked interesting. If you look on the web you can find a game play trailer... cbf finding the link right now, google it :P

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