Amateur Spider-Man Fails Backflip, Destroys Face

Amateur Spider-Man Fails Backflip, Destroys Face

This footage, from a kid's birthday party in Argentina, shows some guy dressed as Spider-Man attempting a sick backflip to impress the children. Emphasis on attempting.

If you're unsure whether to laugh or wince with horror/sympathy, there's nothing stopping you from alternating.

Amateur Spider-Man Fails Backflip, Destroys Face

You can see the full performance below. It all starts so well!

(via Daily Dot)


    pft pretty sure he was catching a spider with his face

    Need to get that guy around next time I organise a kids' party.

    ... He's a real knockout.

    (If you haven't watched the clip, he actually does the backflip successfully twice before screwing it up. Fortunately the kids don't seem to realise something serious has gone wrong, although the adults clearly do.)

      Yeah, the adults REALLY seem to be rushing to his aid lol. More like " Lets all stand around watching the kid in the red shirt kick this poor guy who probably needs to be taken to a doctor"

        You made me laugh so hard xD

    A good representation of the state of affairs when it comes to the spiderman franchise.

    Sorry, I pissed myself laughing... I'm a terrible person.

      I laughed too. Getting 2 tickets to hell. You want window or aisle?

        i'll see you lads there. i got the earlier flight.

          Amateurs. I already have a reserved parking spot and a guaranteed job in middle-hell management.

      Yeah, it's so super funny seeing someone slip and possibly fracture their skull. Concussion and brain swelling really are the staple of comedy

        Where did you learn that? Was the guy hospitalised? Was he ok when you visted him? Oh no, did he die?!

        billyboy needs to jerk it.

          Not quite sure what you mean, but that's a nice first try.
          I have a ball, perhaps you'd like to bounce it?

    The video is so much worse than the gif. The gif looks like he kind of landed it and fell forward. Not so much.

      Yeah, the video has a sickening thud (and an apparent lack of empathy from the gathered crowd).

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