An Infuriating Way To Lose In Mario Kart 8

An Infuriating Way To Lose In Mario Kart 8

The finish line is just a few feet away. You can practically reach out and touch it — feel the sturdy grasp of victory in your own two hands. And then you collide with a giant, immovable piece of metal.

Ouch. This clip by YouTuber redjarman was uploaded on Saturday. But I'm glad I only ended up watching it a few hours ago. Because now that I think about it, there's no better visual metaphor for Mondays than Girl Villager running face-first into some obstacle while soaring through the sky in Mario Kart 8:

Poor Villager. We just need to give her more time to practice. Remember: she only just crossed into Mario Kart for the very first time. And we're all still adjusting to the way Mario Kart 8's new ludicrous speed has made running into everything much more commonplace.


    Haha that would be enough to destroy a GamePad. Too bad they're ludicrously expensive

      Another good reason not to use it where not necessary!

    This.... is... news...

      Yeh, Kotaku is mostly an e-tabloid and glorified clickbait website.

        Click bait and tabloid journalism imply a headline that's over the top. How is "An infuriating way to lose in Mario Kart 8" considered tabloid or click abit?

    There are many infuriating ways to lose in Mario Kart but this isn't really one of them as it's clearly the player's mistake. I don't mind losing when I stuff up. I do mind losing when a blue shell hits me on the final corner.

      However I love it when I get hit on the final corner and still win! Or being the one who smartly uses a red or green shell to steal the victory.

    That's what she gets for turning around while driving.
    Watch where you're going, dumbass.

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