Anime Character’s Head Falls Off During Live Show, Trauma Ensues

Anime Character’s Head Falls Off During Live Show, Trauma Ensues

You’re a kid. You’ve seen Doraemon on television. It’s one of Japan’s most famous anime. And then, you get to see the live-action stage show, which is more horrifying than you can ever imagine.

A little before four minutes in, the titular Doraemon exits the stage. The other characters get upset at Gian, who apologies and bows and…

Oh god. In the above clip, you can hear the parents’ nervous laughter and children’s the emotional scarring. It sounds like one kid starts crying when Gian is chasing his head around the stage.

Not sure if this is worse than the Elastigirl stage snafu, but kudos to the actor for keeping the stage event going, decapitation and all.

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  • 4:00 for anyone that really wants to see it… it’s… not worth it at all.

  • That horrible, horrible sound.
    I was eating at a restaurant in China once and there was some singing/dancing. It was horribly loud and distorted like that.
    Is that a normal thing?

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