Battlefield Hardline Gets Its First Expansion In June

Battlefield Hardline Gets Its First Expansion In June

Battlefield Hardline is getting its first expansion, Criminal Activity, pretty soon. It adds four maps, four weapons, a new gadget, two attachments, two vehicles, a new game mode and six masks. Premium members get access two weeks early, sometime in June 2015.

Here’s a trailer:


  • Me and the other guy who still plays this game will still be 2 players short of starting a match.

    • I lol’d.

      Love the battlefield franchise……. until this game along when they should have been working on fixing BF4 instead.

      I hope they learnt that essentially a re-skin isnt worth punters paying full price for a new game.

      • Battlefield: Hardline (BF:HL) was worked on by Visceral Games, not DICE. While I agree it is still silly that bf4 was still in a broken state while BF:HL was in beta/s, DICE were and still are supporting BF4.

        Thought i’d clear that up ^_^

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