Blizzard Took Out Tychus’ Cigar In Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard Took Out Tychus’ Cigar In Heroes Of The Storm

StarCraft fans have long known Terran (read: human) hero Tychus Findlay as a cigar-chomping loveable grump. Sadly, Heroes of the Storm players will only get to know him as a loveable grump. That’s right: they put out the guy’s smoke.

Heroes of the Storm fans first discovered this glaring omission last night when Blizzard released a new trailer for its up-and-coming MOBA to commemorate the game’s entrance into open beta. It ended with a few premium character skin showcases, one of them being for “Prisoner Tychus” — a version of Tychus as he appears in his incarcerated getup, much like his role in the famous first teaser trailer for StarCraft 2:

Only one thing was missing all of a sudden:

Blizzard Took Out Tychus’ Cigar In Heroes Of The Storm

Adding insult to injury was the fact that the Prisoner Tychus skin originally had cigar:

Blizzard Took Out Tychus’ Cigar In Heroes Of The Storm

Fans of the space marine haven’t been very happy with the new cigar-less Tychus:

And why would they be? Tychus’ cigar is practically canon! “Cigar” is even an entry in the StarCraft Wikia. Isn’t Heroes of the Storm supposed to be a piece of Blizzard fan-fiction?

Some disaffected Heroes players have speculated that the cigar’s removal has something to do with the game’s ESRB rating — which is currently T for Teen. The game’s ESRB page doesn’t mention any references to tobacco or tobacco usage — both of which are official “content descriptors” used by the ESRB when rating games, so they may very well be right. A Blizzard representative wasn’t available to comment on the cigar controversy this morning.

All I can say is: the removal of the cigar doesn’t bode well for diehard StarCraft fans curious about giving Heroes of the Storm a try.

“Gotta check SCII intro if Raynor is still drinking in bar,” one Heroes player said on a Reddit thread about the cigar removal. “I have a bad feeling about this.”


  • Maybe he just decided to give up the smokes and gain a few years on his life…. it happens. Real world realism at its best 🙂

    • There’d be a better way for him to gain a few years…

      SC2 spoiler:

      Not betraying Raynor for Mengsk

    • Except within the Nexus he’s getting his faced smashed in, dying and then being revived magically each time. I think smoking ceases to be an issue when the Lord of Terror can suplex you and break your spine.

      • Diablo: (as he tears into Tychus’ armour) “you seem more sprightly this round. Your spittle is less yellow”

        Tychus: (nonchalantly while his arms are torn off) “yeah, dumped the cigars. I’m losing weight too, holding less fluid. Was thinking of trying kale next.”

        Diablo: (sucking the marrow from his bones) “oh yes. Kale is fantastic for cleansing. Try it next round!”

  • It’s just a cigar. So what? Can they not make any changes at all to their own character?

    • It’s just a Rodian shooting first. So what? Can George Lucas not make any changes at all to his character?

      • Ooh good response. But what if the only change was that Greedo had a cigar in one film and not in the other. Proportionate response?

  • Swap it out for an e-cigar?? that seems to be all the rage with the kids these days.

  • The reason for this that I read based on pure conjecture was it was removed to allow Heroes of the Storm to receive a lower advisory rating from countries that frown upon smoking characters.

    At the end of the day, it’s such a minor change that seems neckbeards love getting up in arms over.

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