Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons Now Drop Rarer Weapon Upgrades

The new Bloodborne patch will give you better rewards for chalice dungeons, hopefully increasing longevity by tempting you with the rarest of rocks and blood gems.

Spotted over at and by Reddit user illusorywall, the patch notes specify that you'll get "Blood Stone Shards at Depth 1, Twin Blood Stone Shards at Depth 2, Twin Blood Stone Shards and Blood Stone Chunks at Depth 3, Blood Stone Chunks at Depth 4 and Blood Stone Chunks and Blood Rocks at Depth 5."

Those Blood Rocks were previously only available once per playthrough, from a hidden area in the Nightmare of Mensis. That's quite late into the game, so this change theoretically gives you access to a +10 weapon much earlier. Or even several +10 weapons.

Maximum blood vials and quicksilver bullets have been increased to 600, instead of 99. And once you've found Lost or Uncanny versions of weapons, they'll be purchasable, though I haven't seen anyone doing interesting theorycrafting with Lost/Uncanny blood gem combinations.

Of course, no amount of shifting blood gems around will compare to getting your evasion timings right, and Bloodborne's size means that chalice dungeons are really more about fun with friends than anything else. But it can be fun to have something to work towards, and at least gearing up will make you a little more prepared for the upcoming DLC.

Check the Reddit post for more info.



    I'm terrible at coordinating playtime with friends, and tend to just solo this sort of thing. Are the dungeons still an enjoyable solo experience? I'm at level 60ish and just finishing up Byrgenwerth, should I try them out now or later?

    Answers! Please :)

      Hmmm, they're okay. I much prefer the main story, but the dungeons add a level of challenge that far surpasses the base game, which might appeal to you. Some of the best boss battles in the game can only be found in the Chalice dungeons, and the levels themselves are generally short enough that they don't get too tedious.

      You're already overlevelled for the early dungeons, but chances are you'll want to nearly double that level for the later dungeons.

        Not @batguy he can do them on L1 :p

          Hahahaha no... my secret to conquering souls games is overlevelling and perseverance. I am definitely not joining the onebro club any time soon!

            Me too. I was level 162 when I finished NG in Bloodborne. I was about level 160 when I went through the last couple of chalice dungeons. I *still* got my arse handed to me a dozen times by the boss before the final chalice dungeon boss. Leveling doesn't really solve anything past a certain point. I'd say somewhere about 100-120 would be fine for any of the chalice dungeons. If you want easy XP, just use your small resonant bell and help randoms in co-op. Doing a boss run can easily net you a level or two's worth of echoes, and you don't risk losing them if you die.

            That's my technique, too! Force-fucking everything with sheer bloody-minded stat-grinding perseverance.

        I found the dungeons a bit of fun with friends, but the lack of worthwhile loot and the fact that you get hardly any blood echoes for the enemies you defeat meant that I didn't spend much time there. Kept having to go back out to the main game where you can earn enough blood echoes to keep your supplies well stocked and just generally make it worth the time and effort you put in.

        Might go back and give the dungeons another go with this patch, though - the crafting materials might make it worthwhile.

        Do the enemies in the dungeons get harder once you're in NG+? Or do they stay fairly consistent and just level with the difficulty of the dungeon itself rather than whether your or a first or subsequent playthrough of the main game?

          The dungeons are absolutely static in terms of difficulty. They even remain in place with progress intact when you transition from NG to NG+.

          There's almost no reward for the depth 1-3 dungeons, but the deeper dungeons give insane levels of blood echoes.

          Apparently chalice enemies don't level up.

          Fextralife has locations for Blood Rocks in chalice dungeons on this page:

          The patch adds bloodstone chunks at the insight bath, which is the real game changer. Farming bloodstone chunks was what really prevented multiple +10 weapons.

            I thought it was the lack of bloodstone rocks that were what stopped you leveling weapons to +10?

              Not really. You only need a single blood rock to get to +10, but you need 16 chunks to get from +7 to +9. Even if you pick up a blood rock from a chalice dungeon, you still need to spend a substantial amount of time farming chunk drops, at least before this patch.

      I think its subjective playing chalice dungeons solo. for me it was a massive boring slog through the same stuff, while a friend of mine loved it and ended doing all the depths with all the 3 extra parameters just to challenge himself and even did several depth 5 root chalices just to see if their was anything different,

      Don't know until you try I guess.

      Chalice dungeons are definitely a fun experience. At 60 the level 1 chalice dungeons should be easy. They are a great way to test your awareness as the creators obviously love placing traps everywhere.
      Once you work your way down it gets a lot more difficult and pretty much requires you to have 50 vit, 40 end, and 50 in your main damage stat by the time you get to level 5.
      And of course they are good to solo. I'd actually say it's better to do them solo (did all chalice dungeons solo including final boss at bottom depth).

        There's a special feeling of achievement you get when you solo a really tough boss. I co-oped quite a bit of Bloodborne, but my favourite boss battles were the ones where my buddy got slaughtered very early on, and I kept going to bring victory home... or where I soloed right from the start.

        Taking down the Defiled Dungeon bosses solo was the best rush I've had in a FROM game since I first got stuck into Demon's Souls.

          Dat Queen Amidala in defiled though... took me a while because it was jumping all over the place whenever I got behind it.

            Couldn't tell who you were talking about at first - Queen Yarnham or Amygdala? Then I read defiled dungeon and jumping around. Definitely Amygdala.
            I actually found her incredibly easy. Just roll through her legs and stand near her tail. She'll try to stomp you, so you dodge and strike once. She'll eventually jump and at first will land on top of you. If you have a Ludwigs you can actually charge an R2 and get her head. Then go back through her legs. When her jumps start landing away from you just run to her tail again and hit her once after a stomp. Repeat till boss is dead.

              I tried that, but died so many times. The first time I went face-to-face with her, victory.

    Blood rocks were already available in depth 5 chests, and considering how difficult depth 5 is, you're better off making your way towards Nightmare of Mensis for your first blood rock.

    Last edited 26/05/15 10:43 am

      That's the first I've heard that. As far as I was aware, they were only available once per playthrough, allowing only one +10 weapon before NG+?

        There was one (edit: are several) depth 5 dungeons that have a hidden Block Rock, according to the Fextralife wiki. It could only be obtained once per playthrough, even if you recreated the dungeon from scratch.

        Edit: here we go:

        Last edited 26/05/15 10:58 am

          Wow cool, and you can just type in those dungeon codes and get the ones you want, eh? It looks like a lot more has been found out about the chalices since I was playing.

    I just got my platinum trophy last night, oh well.

      Yeah, I got mine, too, and haven't touched the game since. Unsure whether I'll even be going back for DLC or not.

        Not as good as Souls?

        I kinda get the impression they made it not as good just to pal with Sony.

          I LOVED Bloodborne. I really loved it. But I sunk about 60 hours into it in a very short span of time, and speaking purely realistically, when I 'take a break' from a game, I very rarely return to it.

            That's exactly my experience. It was on every night for a good amount of time, but now I have almost no desire to go back to it.

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