Brutal Doom Mod Has Some Great Customisable Gore Options

Brutal Doom Mod Has Some Great Customisable Gore Options

Ah, Brutal Doom. The last place a gore-hungry gamer can go when drowning people in The Sims and exploding opponents’ testicles in Mortal Kombat starts to get old.

The famously gratuitous and bloody mod for classic first-person shooter Doom (already an exceedingly gratuitous and bloody game) is in the process of being updated in a big way. Today, its creators showed how the game’s gore is being improved with new configuration system. So now you’ll be able to set and reset the mod’s super-bloody blood-displaying options in real time, and feast your eyes on the results every time you shoot something new! Does it get any better than this?

Brutal Doom v20’s blood options include brutal:

Realistic (whatever that means):

Edgy as fuck:

Japanese cartoon:

And, finally, overdrawn at blood bank:

Brutal Doom’s new update raises an important question: why doesn’t every game — or, at least, the violent ones — have a “Japanese cartoon” and “overdrawn at blood bank” setting?


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