Buy Your Own Star Wars Battle Pod For Just $US98,000

Buy Your Own Star Wars Battle Pod for Just $US98,000

Star Wars Battle Pod is the first Star Wars arcade game in years. I guess because playing it in game centres isn't enough, Bandai Namco is selling it to the Japanese public. There's a catch! And it's the price.

The premium Star Wars Battle Pod cabinet will set you back 12 million yen, which is around US$98,000. These are different from the ones in arcades. What's the difference? And why's this so expensive?

The designs — a Rebel pilot's helmet and Darth Vader — are unique to the premium versions. The pod's movable seats are covered with real leather, the cabinet has exclusive carpeting, and the machine comes with a specially bound owner's manual.

Each cabinet is numbered and emblazoned with the owner's name on a plaque. And in the game, the owner's name appears in the credit scroll. And so, a hundred grand price tag.

You can also buy the same Star Wars Battle Pod that's in arcades for a mere 4.6 million yen ($US37,000). Instead of buying a new sedan, you can buy this!

Buy Your Own Star Wars Battle Pod for Just $US98,000

Bandai Namco is making these cabinets available for purchase in Japan. No word yet if a similar offer will be made internationally.

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's Star Wars Battle Pod impressions.


    Sure, I'll take twelfty~

      Good, we haven't sold a thing.

      (i do hope you were referencing the league of gentleman)

    If you can afford to spend that kind of money on an Arcade cabinet you can afford to go to Japan and arrange shipping it to your mansion.

    I'd rather get a lance of battletech pods and load MW4 onto them.... and now I've made myself sad.

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