Can't Play The Last Of Us? Watch It As A Cinematic Series Instead

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us was one of the best games of the last generation (and doing well this generation, thanks to the remaster), but not everyone has had the opportunity to play it. If you just want to check out the story, fan Grant Voegtle has you covered with this episodic mega-edit.

Before we go any further, yes, you're heading into HIGH SPOILER TERRITORY by clicking on any of these links. Consider yourself sufficiently warned!

You can check out the trailer above and for all six videos, there's a playlist conveniently available on the YouTube. You'll need to set aside a good four-five hours if you want to watch it all in one go, with the last portion taking up almost an hour by itself.

As Voegtle explains in the trailer's description, the playthrough footage has been "restructured and edited to be a smooth and engaging viewing experience". Speaking with The Verge's Nathan Ingraham, Voegtle says each clip took "an average of 20 to 30 hours of work" with "some parts of the game up to 100 times to get make everything look just right".

If that isn't dedication, well, I'm not sure what is. I don't know if I'd have the fortitude to play any game — particular just one sequence — hundreds of times to capture the right moment. Beating it is good enough for me.

The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough [YouTube, via The Verge]


    This is impressively good. Better than playing actually, because you're not distracted by all the gamification of attempt-fail-repeat or hunting for collectibles or trophy-hunting or ammo-scavenging+crafting etc.

      In my opinion, playing through the first time by yourself on a difficulty of normal or hard - (My first playthrough was on hard) - would be better than watching this. My thoughts are that when you play, I think you get a stronger sense of connection to Joel and Ellie, which I why I think this game was so spectacularly good.

      I mean everything about this game is crazy good, but playing on normal you don't have to worry too much about resources, and first play through you shouldn't be worrying about trophies.

      I'm playing through this at the moment on Grounded new game plus, and yes I agree with you on trophies/collectibles/resources in that aspect. On the tough difficulties resources are beyond critical.

      I'm glad to see an article on TLOU, so I can fully recommend this to anyone who hasn't played it yet....(surely everyone has). To anyone that can't play it....Yeah, watch that video if you can. Best game I've ever played and one of the best media experiences in general.

        Yeah, it's a whole different game on survivor level difficulty... Pity that's locked away until you finish it the first time. Still, at least it provides a great reason to play it again!

        Grounded, you say?
        (Screams in frustration)
        It feels so good when you beat it though.

    So the "game" that was so desperate to be a movie finally gets it's wish...

      Primarily a game, many, MANY more hours spent in gameplay than cutscenes. People get so worked up about this, doubtfully having actually played it.

        QTE's and scripted sequences make basic interactivity, not gameplay

          You're not confusing it with Heavy Rain are you? I'm not a huge Last of Us fan but there was lots of uninterrupted gameplay. It sort of starts off a bit like Half-Life with some heavy scripted stuff, but it sheds that once you get out into the wild. I don't think there were any QTEs in the cut scenes.

          Spoken like somebody who hasn't actually played it.

    My god that is a good game. Wish I could find the PS4 version cheap somewhere. I'd love to play it again on PS4 but can't justify the price for something I've already played and finished 3 times.

      Did you play the multiplayer? It is surprisingly good, and is what I have been doing at the moment.

        I tried to once back on PS3. Couldn't find a game, though. I suspect it was after everybody had moved on. This was weeks / months after it came out, once I'd finished the single player 2 or 3 times. Didn't really bother me, though - I bought it for the single player and that was superb.

          Yeah on the Remastered version on PS4 I have found plenty of games but I doubt there is much on PS3 these days.

    I wonder how the end plays out. When I played it the gameplay at the end felt really psychotic and out of character. It's got this whole murderous rampage sequence that really works against the plot but it's important enough that it'll be hard to edit around.

    I only ever played about 4 hours when it released on PS3.

    It was good. I remember feeling instantly connected and engaged by 20 minutes in. And although the hype train wasn't slowing I found that my admiration for the title slowly ebbed away as I played. I lost interest.

    I had every intention of returning to TLoU and finishing it. I even had a chance when it launched for PS4 but alas, being a PC player at heart I kind of got distracted by my ever growing PC library and TLoU took a back seat and eventually forgotten.

    This I will watch. I need closure.

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