Captain America As An NES Game

Captain America As An NES Game

The power of the NES might have been too much for a game like this, but CineFix's fake Captain America: The Winter Soldier game just looks great as a late NES, early SNES game, something from the early '90s.

The clip is following the events of the second movie, ending with the messy battle on top of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Carrier. Also the recoloured NES Mega Man sprites look cool although a Mega Man game like this would be too easy compared to the classic ones.


    Omg! Someone turn this into a real game damn it!

      Maybe this comes close??

    An NES? Quality.

      It makes sense if you're calling it an N.E.S, as opposed to a nes.

        Nope, An only goes before a vowel generally. It would still be 'a'.

          But 'N' is pronounced "en", so the vowel sound at the beginning should mean you'd use "an", at least that's how I would say it.

          Just like how I'd say "An NBA player" as opposed to "A NBA player". Just seems to sounds right to me.

          Last edited 15/05/15 7:17 am

            Aaaah gotcha, When you say N.E.S Im used to saying it NES ("Oh you bought a Ness" for example) as a singular word, in which case it's A and not An. But you're right, N.E.S would be An,, apologies :)

            Last edited 15/05/15 9:31 am

    I wish this was real, would buy for sure

    And for the record, I'm pretty sure there was a Captain America game on the NES.

    I remember my cousin and I huddled around a tiny black and white TV, playing it. ?

        Yeah! That's the one!

        Wow... The arcade version looked so much better than the NES version haha.

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