Check Out These Rad Dino Skins For League Of Legends

Check Out These Rad Dino Skins For League Of Legends

It’s like Land Before Time, only now the pterodactyl is trying to kill you.

Riot just unveiled three new “prehistoric skins” for League of Legends, a game where wizards, warriors, and unclassifiable monsters dig at each other in eternal struggle over a patch of grass known as “Summoner’s Rift.” The prehistoric skins answer an important question that League of Legends fans have been asking for a while: why the hell aren’t there more badass dinosaurs in this game?

Problem solved.

The influential League of Legends news site Surrender at 20 captured some cool screenshots of the prehistoric skins in their current beta form. First there’s Cho’Gath, the one League of Legends champion who truly excels at eating other League of Legends champions.

Cho’gath’s the closest thing League has to a T-Rex, so Dino Cho’Gath (Dino’Gath?) is an easy pick. More surprising is Anivia’s new look…as a pterodactyl:

She still turns into an egg. But now it’s a…dino egg, I guess?

Hey, Anivia! I want to say. Didn’t you used to have feathers? You’re evolving the wrong way!

Eh. She’s not listening.

Finally, we have Dino Renekton.

Though I guess Renekton’s base character skin is already an alligator — an animal that, as Discovery Kids puts it, is “about as close as we’ll probably ever get to seeing a living dinosaur.” So is prehistoric Renekton actually just Renekton’s great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather? Errr…I’m getting dangerously close to trying to make sense of League of Legends’ lore, and that’s never a good idea.

Still looks very cool in any case.


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