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Okay, now that we've all time to use Netflix and stuff. Let's talk about it!

I think a common feeling that I've found with Netflix is this: you get Netflix. You're fully surprised by how great Netflix is. You love it. One day you decide to experiment with VPNs to see what the US Netflix is like.

Oh dear God almighty. You realise that US Netflix is like at least five times better than the Australian Netflix.

It's kinda like being rich, and then moving into a neighbourhood where everyone is Bill Gates rich. Netflix is amazing. I love it to death. But goddamn the US Netflix. Jesus wept...


    I've watched Friday Night Lights, Bloodline, Orphan Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Ja'mie Private School Girl, Grace and Frankie, The Returned and Daredevil.

    I LIKE IT.

      Do you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine??

        I'm one of those people who feel the need to punch Andy Samberg right in the face. :D

        I tried to get over it, but couldn't. :S

          For what it's worth, Terry Crews had one of the nicest thing to say about Andy, that I've seen any celebrity say about a peer...When asked who the funniest person was on the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (in an AMA on reddit) he responded:

          "Andy Samberg. Bar none.

          Can I tell you something about Andy?

          Andy Samberg basically is the glue. He is the guy who makes this show go. And I'm gonna tell you why: he is so selfless. He makes sure that ALL of us are included in everything. It could easily become the 'Andy Samberg show' but he didn't want it that way. He recognizes the talent that's in each and every one of us that it's very humbling, really.

          People don't understand how hard comedy is. And it's funny, because he'll GIVE us jokes while we're there. He'll hand us things, he'll tell me to go here, do this, and the man knows his stuff. And Andre and I will just sit there sometimes and wonder, because here's a guy who's new to TV in a lot of ways - he did SNL, but acting as a character, it's shocking how great he is. But Andy is my man, and he is the funniest guy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, bar none. I call him my little brother, cuz I feel like he is my little brother."

          Still...a punchable face is a punchable face, although that show definitely changed my opinion of him quite a bit.

            I only ever saw him through Lonely Island music videos and he didn't really seem to fit the "loveable jerk" archetype they shoehorned him into at the beginning of the show (more of a plain jerk, really) but that set him up for a pretty earnest arc through season 1... which of course had a kind of massive cliffhanger and there's no season 2 on Netflix yet, damn it.

            It doesn't hurt that his character is incredibly arrogant, so wanting to punch him in the face isn't entirely to the detriment of the show.

            The show really does have a good balance of things that work.

            Naww, I love that. It's such a great show.

            You know who has a punchable face?

            The entire cast of Gossip Girl which is my wife's current Netflix marathon

              Apart from Blake Lively. Don't touch her! She will be mine, Ryan. She will be mine.

                Oh is THAT where Blake Lively is from? I kept hearing that name, couldn't be arsed figuring it out.

            I love Samburg ever since Hot Rod back in 2007

              I need to rewatch that haha. I can only remember this which was pretty hilarious.

                Haha I think this was my favourite, in the DVD extras they compared it with the Foot Loose version:

          You know, I feel like that too, but I could actually tolerate him in B99.

        A.K.A the most unfunny show on television (heartbreaking dramas included)

      Wait....No House of Cards or Daredevil? Cmon man! Daredevil is pretty damn good!

        Daredevil's there! But yeah, I love Orange is the New Black and House of Cards but I... *cough* had already watched before Netflix launch. *shifty eyes*

          oh whooops. i have a habit of not reading until the end of sentences or even finishing my own sente

    My wife and I love it. Absolutely love it. We've VPN'd to look at the US content as well but to be honest most of the stuff we're watching is on the Aus version anyway so we'll explore it further once we need to.
    It also made us realise how far behind so many top quality shows we were....not sure if that's good or bad.

    Ever since Netflix dropped and iiNet introduced Netflix quote free, my ever reliable and awesome iiNet connection goes to utter shit at about 730pm most nights. The network just can't deal with the extra Netflix traffic. Not really Netflix's fault, but iiNet shouldn't have introduced quota free without being 10000% certain the network can deal with it. Which it mostly can't. Displeased.

    Last edited 18/05/15 11:08 am

      i think you are blaming the wrong people. They are giving you FREE stuff. its our stupid internet that cant deal with it. BUT, i do agree companies can run what we do have a lot better. I had the same problem with optus, they overload the ports like crazy and our net would be unusable at peak times. I moved to internode and its prefect. Ive pretty much had zero issues for over a year and nothing changed except my provider.

      On topic, I am fully addicted to netflix. I just hope they keep adding GOOD shows and movies. Im blasting through almost everything i want to watch and the library isn't growing too quickly.

        Enjoy it while it lasts... I suspect Internode will begin to slide once TPG take ownership.

          TPG has said that they are going to keep them as sort of a 'premium' service.

            TPG were better for me than AAPT after iiNet bought them out.

          Isn't it strange that all I have to look forward to is our Internet getting worse. It's already shocking. My goodness we are behind the times. Still paying premium rates for metered bad internet

      Thats sucks.. Im also with iiNet and have found that at around 5 pm my net slows down to a horrible speed.. Idiots need to upgrade their network asap or I'm leaving.

        I had this problem too .. dial up speeds at peak times... and its not further down the line... its at your local exchange... australian internet is overloaded... to the result of being put on a RIM to share bandwidth.... please a network engineer correct me if i am wrong

        NBN pls naow

          I'm no engineer but you are right. The Ports get overloaded at the exchanges. Different providers have different regulations on how much they can use each exchange. I know for a fact that internode has way better regulations than optus (see what I wrote above). How long this will last, I don't know.

        I found a temporary workaround though - change your DNS to Internode's DNS servers. Works wonders when iiNet slows to a crawl.

          Whaaat? How does this actually help you? Not doubting it, honestly curious.

          Also, I'm always running off Node DNS and I drop to 3-5 down during peak...from 18.

            I'm guessing that instead of routing all my traffic and resolutions through iiNet's DNS servers, which are getting smashed - Internode's aren't, so work perfectly fine. My bandwidth is 100% available, because I don't use Netflix or anything, it's just the ISP's end which is falling short.

              Node is actually getting as smashed as the rest of iiNet though...

              Could be a regional thing? Maybe Node's backbone in your area is a hell of a lot happier than mine.

                Must be. Was reading on Whirlpool a lot of annoyed iiNet users are changing DNS to Internode with great success. Weird.

        Agreed, I can go from all day streaming at a nice 720P to struggling to get 240P after dinner. Painful!!

      Or just go with Dodo who have unlimited downloads so no worry about a million other customers trying to watch their Netflix at 7:30.
      (unlimited for $30 I might add, I've been with them for 3 years, also been with AAPT (before & after iiNet buyout) and TPG, AAPT under iiNet was the worst.

      where are you? I have never noticed drop outs or slow downs at all on iinet, im in Sydney inner west

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      Sorry to hear that man.

      I’m one of the jerks who switched TO iiNet when they made the initial announcement of unmetered Netflix, so I’m a worst case offender here!

      That said Netflix works flawlessly in HD using the ADSL2+ connection here. I’ve had it down-shift resolution 1 or 2 times for 5-10 seconds in probably 100 hours of viewing, mostly in peak times.

      When I see I’ve watched 15gb+ worth of TV on a regular night I see why I’m ruining the network though….

    Love it. I get the subscription for free as part of my mobile phone plan, and because home internet is with iiNet it doesn't count towards our download cap. I used to pirate a lot of content, but it's easier to just stream it off Netflix now.

    That being said, I might reconsider in 6 months when my free subscription has run out. Depending on how frequently the content is updated, I may have watched everything I want to out of their catalogue, which is a bit underwhelming at the moment.

    I do second @Code Y 's comment about iiNet's connection going to shit though. When I'm gaming I HATE Netflix and the 1000ms ping I get when the network dies. However, I love it when I'm the one doing the streaming.

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      I don't even use Netflix though, which is why I'm grumpy. =(

        I've just jumped ship from Optus to Telstra because of the peak-time-crap issue...Telstra may have god-awful rates and quotas, but damn it is lightyears ahead of Optus in terms of performance... ADSL+ and I still get 10+mbps download at peak time, Optus was lucky to do 1...

    Absolutely worth the price of admission for Daredevil and Brooklyn Nine-Nine alone.

    (Also having all of House M.D at my disposal makes me very happy).

    I've pretty much watched all that I've wanted to watch on it and am eagerly waiting for more movies.

    When I first got it I loved it but then like you I experimented with VPN and saw what I was missing out on but my data cap doesn't allow for it un-metered from the US. Also just realised how to check stream quality, I'm paying for 4K but the highest I can get on 11mpbs is 2060p. As a downloader most of the content I have seen.

      2160p is 4k I'm pretty sure. The say 4k because the first resolution is almost 4k, I think it's like 3840 X 2160 or something like that.

        The 4K terminology comes from cinema where resolutions are traditionally measured in width (since a projector can only handle a particular width of film, no matter what the aspect ratio is), rather than scan lines like TV.

        So yeah, 2160p is what is generally referred to as 4K and a 4320p picture would be 8K.

    Tried watching Iron Chef on the SBS On Demand app during peak Netflix time. Failed.


      BUT RYORI NO TETSUJIN!!! Sahhh good right?

      Kyo no te wa..... *flourish* KORE DESU!

      to the point of consuming all the available bandwidth on the network without constructing their own cables

    It's taken over my TV viewing, haven't used the TV in weeks. Still using the AU version, might swap over to the US one if I end up running out of things I want to watch, can't see that happening any time soon though.

    I don't care how limited the selection is at the moment, because I got to finally watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Arrested Development, the two shows I've been aching to watch for some time. Also, the Xbox One app is nice and snappy, with only one lengthy load time at start up.I give it 62 Bob Loblaws out of 74.

      Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has been on AnimeLab for ages, which if you're an anime fan you should really check out.

    What I love: Netflix

    What I don't love: All my friends telling me to do this and do that so you can access all this other s**t on Netflix US/UK etc...

    I get it. There's more content. I'll sus it out if/when I run out of content on Netflix AU.

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        It should be pointed out that while there aren't too many examples, there is some content we get that Americans don't.

          But as a consolation, they probably get the other version of Rake.

    It's great, also OPTUS is unmetered too! Watching House of Cards with my partner now and we're loving it. Agree that US content is miles better but I find that the VPN I use reduces my internet speed so I'm stuck with just bearable streaming quality. Is there anyone who could possibly recommend a way to increase my internet speed while using a VPN??

    I have literally one complaint about Netflix: I can't watch Twitch streams while my girlfriend watches Netflix. For some reason, Netflix absolutely hogs my net connection and everything slows to a crawl while it's on... aside from more Netflix.

    Other than that, it's fantastic. I've watched so many shows just because they were there. Good ones too. Ones I otherwise wouldn't have watched and enjoyed. In terms of delivery a good range of content, Netflix does the job just dandily.

    Sure, there could be more content but I'm not greedy. The amount of content on offer right now sates my needs.

      I can only see one solution to your problem. Sorry, but she has to go.

      This. Mum to a lesser extent but Dad in particular has gone mental ever since we got Netflix. And it just seems like everything else I'm trying to do just slows to a crawl. Very frustrating.

      Can you set up QoS on router for device pulling Netflix stream down?

      Apply bandwidth rules by MAC address or assign a static IP to the device. Limit bandwidth to whatever Netflix needs to comfortably stream in HD. Which will leave remaining bandwidth for other users.

      Used to do this in a share house where one person was a prolific torrent user. We had great ADSL2+ at about 1.8mbps so would cap him at 900kbps/40kbps which meant everyone else could get online for gaming, youtube etc at the same time without anyone chucking a tanty.

      cc: @novacascade

      I have the same problem with Netflix and BF4... GF is out in the lounge room watching some godawful period drama (currently "Call the Midwife") and my pings go from 20-30ms to 300+

      You can set Netflix to use lower bandwidth limits so it won't choke your connection.

    I thought i would hate it. Then i gave it a go. You know... free month and all. I will be maintaining my subscription. It's nothing short of amazing. Although Vpn'ing across and seeing the American library as opposed to ours is a little depressing. But i have high hopes in the future. :D

    When I first chucked on a VPN to see the American library I spent more than 20 minutes scrolling down to find the end but the end never came...

    It's great. Loving how easily you can swap between devices and it'll pick up exactly where you left off.

    My only gripe is with the PS4 app it's not user friendly and intuitive. I don't want to imagine what it'll be like when there's a lot more content. One of the things about it is scrolling through to find new things to watch but that's a painful process as it is. It needs a grid layout as well as decent filters to remove stuff on your list while you're browsing as well as making it simple to view what's on your list

      Just an A to Z category would do the job. It's so weird that the PS4 App doesn't have it. :S

        It's terrible. I wish that I could have a full screen view of my list too, without needing half the screen wasted with a screenshot of the show/movie. helps a lot, though.

          Is there a way to just see a list of new stuff added each month? That's what would do it for me.

          Just "Here is all the stuff added in May."

            Yes - sort on the "Available" column!

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    Very happy. Have used it to watch movies I didn't think were worth buying on blu-ray and watch TV shows I barely even knew existed (as well as revisit old classics). My weekends playing Destiny are usually accompanied with Brooklyn-99 or 3rd Rock from the Sun. I'd be watching Arrested Development but my wife wants to rewatch it too so I'm saving it for when we have time to watch it together.

    There's really more on there than I could ever watch, but as soon as they have Parks & Rec (like the US already does) I'm all over it. I've also occasionally supplemented iwth with Stan which is similar but not quite as good (despite having some really good exclusives).

    Service has been great, but then I'm on TPG with unlimited downloads so my experience seems to be the optimal that Australia has to offer.

      The missus and I were vpning last year and watched all of parks twice. They didn't have season 6 at the time, but we found it on other streaming services. Don't know if they have it now.

      I love Parks & Rec.

      Last edited 18/05/15 2:52 pm

        I started torrenting it a few years back and almost ditched it after season 1, but gave it another chance and loved season 2. I've watched it through to the end but now that it's over I want to watch it again and this time share it with my wife (who wasn't interested before but is now). Such a great show. All the heart and humour of The Office, with none of the cringe.

    Once I finished Daredevil I pretty much stopped watching it.

    I'll keep the subscription going because I'll get into something else, it's just that my spare time is focused on gaming for the moment. much of a good surprise was daredevil. it was great.

        So good.

        I personally find the Marvel stuff to be hit and miss but Daredevil was just so great. Looking forward to the other Netflix Marvel shows coming up now.

      Depending on what you play, you can quite easily enjoy both!

      My typical evening now is Kerbal Space Program on my computer and watching Archer on my tablet that's sitting on the side of my desk. Helps with some of the slow bits of the game

    I've had it for about a year now (via Getflix), and absolutely love it. I used to just use the US one, but since the AU one started up I've found myself switching between AU, US and UK.

    Also worth noting I haven't torrented a single movie since I started using Netflix. Our corporate overlords might want to bear that in mind before they start complaining too much about people circumventing regional protection to access other regions. Better to get some money from Netflix (even if it's via circumventing region protection) or no money from torrents?

    Flawless. Not a single problem with it. Watching so much stuff and got so much more things in my list. More than enough to justify a subscription. To those who complain about how small it is compared to the US market I ask them do they have any idea how complicated rights issues are etc? Its not just an issue of cutting and pasting into a different country. The libary will grow in time.

    Every single Netflix original show themselves are worth paying $11.99 for. Hell it cost $30 almost to see Avengers the other night for a 2.5 film but it cost me $11.99 to watch 12 hours odd of Daredevil. I paid more for lunch most days.

    Last edited 18/05/15 11:30 am

    I was a heavy US Netflix watcher.

    Then I swapped to AU Netflix.

    But now I find myself going back and forth. For instance, over the weekend I was watching Angel / Dollhouse. Sadly, AU Netflix doesn't have that.

    Tunnelbear VPN is great though. I simply select 'USA' from a drop down box then flick a switch. 2 minutes later I'm browsing US Netflix.

    Would love to get onto the US Netflix... But there's no VPN servers in Adelaide. It's SOOO SLOW and i'm on an NBN 100Mb connection

    Does anyone know of a VPN that's located in Adelaide? The closest one i've been able to find is in Melbourne.

    Love it and will be keeping the basic membership. Bloodline, Falling Skies, Orange is the new Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Loads still to watch and I haven't even touched the movies.

    My kids however watched it a lot in the beginning but now complain there isn't that much new stuff on it for them (they are mainlining StampyCat Minecraft videos on Youtube so what do they know!).

    Also an important point for me is that I want to "normalise" paying for content and get away from piracy. Set a good example for the kids!

    1) Library is better than expected... worse than hoped.

    2) The 'search' function is really just a poker machine that only pays out disappointment 90% of the time.

    3) The interface is a nightmarish clusterfuck of unusuability.

    4) It has me wondering about easier/faster ways to switch DNS settings in the PS4 than manual network configuration.

    5) Still better than anything else on offer in Australia.
    Which... for fuck's sake. Seriously? There really isn't a good excuse. There are excuses, sure... but they're shit excuses.
    Lift your fucking game, Australian TV. Getting schooled by the overseas crew.

      Connect a linux server to your modem and let it handle all your DNS for the addresses you care about. Easy, right? :)

      What devices are you using that have a horrible interface? Using the Android app exclusively and finding it fine.

        It's better on mobile. The XB1 and my Samsung Smart TV app are both inexplicably subpar.

        I'm using the PS4. It's bloody awful.

        For starters, there's no A-Z browsing for all the titles in the library. Just a series of genre categories, which each only show a 'top 30-or-so' shortlist to scroll through. It turns the fundamental basic of browsing the library into a lucky dip.

        There's a search feature which is only useful for searching for specific titles. It offers some 'value adds' but they're of ridiculously limited value. You can search by actor or keyword, but it only ever returns like... five results.

        For example, if you try to search for 'anime' or 'animation', you're only going to see a fraction of what's in the actual full catalogue. And unless you already know ALL of the titles available, there's no other way to search for them. Anime doesn't turn up as a genre, so you're pretty much restricted to the five it deigns to show you. Same goes for actor search - only shows you five or so of the films they've been in.

        There's also no way to remove titles from your 'continue watching' list. Whether you didn't like it and don't want to continue watching, OR if you actually already completed them and watched through the credits to the very last second. It's turning into a crowded jumbled mess on my machine.

        These are horrible problems, seriously the basics, which there are no excuses for. It is total bullshit that the only way to completely browse the Netflix library on PS4 is to fire up a 3rd-party website in your fucking browser.

          ^ this. Frankly I'm kinda baffled how little this has been mentioned in this thread - the interface is terrible. Where is the A-Z? Where are the 'browse categories'? Why does the search only return about 5 results?

          The interface on a goddamn Qantas flight is better FFS

          I wonder if that's a PS4 exclusive problem. In the web interface you can click on any genre and it shows you all the titles in that genre, using infinite loading. There's an anime genre there with around 70 titles. Actor search seems to show all the titles they have with that actor for me.

            Given the way people seem puzzled as to why I say it's a horrible interface, it must be a PS4-only thing.

              Have to agree. I bought it and use it on the computer so have no problem searching things. I set it up for my parents and they watch it on a Smart tv with a app and have the same problem, the work around seems to be dad having to search that day for movies/shows he wants to watch then marking them to watch later.

              It is a fantastic product and they are adding more each week, my parents hardly watch normal tv anymore and they are tv addicts. However this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Apart from some ui issues on certain products (smart tvs and ps4 etc) its a must buy!

    I have a complaint about netflix

    A new movie/series comes out and is aired. I want to watch it on netflix = 1080p free data

    you cant get it on netflix but you can get it via torrent

    I would like to see netflix air something first rater than later and compete with torrent.

      They only new stuff is the stuff they produce. The other stuff has to air first somewhere else so Netflix can get it at a decent price. That's how it can be so cheap.
      Hopefully the more people that get on, the more money they get for buying shows quicker.

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