Community Review: The Witcher 3

It would have been funny to fake a Community Review that was something other than Witcher 3 this week, but too cruel. There's one game we should be talking about this week. What did you think of it?

Even some of the stuff towards the end would be really cool to talk about, let's keep this a spoiler free zone. There's plenty to talk about without spoiling anything, anyway.

This year was all about Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 for me. Both of them have lived up to the hype. Both of them are vying for my Game of the Year, in very different ways. Bloodborne is a lot more polished, less broken, has much better combat, and typically Miyazaki-style understated storytelling. In short, it's my kind of game.

But The Witcher 3 is still the way I'm leaning, because of its characters, story, dialogue, and world. Those things make up for its failings, because games just aren't doing what The Witcher 3 is. They aren't capable of it. Storytelling is usually the bottleneck in games — when was the last time you saw storytelling actually carry its other elements?

I certainly have my issues with it. The weird acceleration and braking in movement that makes looting a chore. Geralt's style of combat that unnecessarily twirls his sword around like a helicopter when trying to cover distance (despite criticising Ciri of the same thing). And I'm not a big fan of scaling loot. It takes the meaning out of receiving a hyped up sword when it's no better than the junk you looted from a henchman.

I'm a little wary of some of my games criticism being a bit too "this game needs to be more like Dark Souls", but there are actually other games that do what The Witcher 3's combat system is trying to do, but better. There's no way to meet a forward-rushing enemy with a timed attack, because Geralt's ballet moves don't communicate with the enemy's lunge. Shadow of Mordor did that well. The player needs that power. If you're not going to have a reliable attack animation for each button, then you need to somehow make this grizzled Witcher capable of taking on a rushing enemy. Something that isn't yet another problem solved by Axii.

But I kept those complaints to a minimum in my Game Informer review, because I wanted the overall tone to be positive. It really does make up for all of that, and becomes a unique and memorable adventure. I think I could easily spend about 150 hours in it, if I didn't have things I wanted to do with my life.

How about you? Anyone think I'm being harsh about the combat? What tips would you give your fellow Kotakuers? I noticed a tips post went up a while back, but some I felt were of the "wrong" persuasion, so I might put up another.

How did you like Tywin Lannister? What interesting things have you seen in the world? How has your hunting been?


    I'm only a few hours in, 4 or so. But I'm finding it so rough around the edges that the review scores surprise me a bit. The world is stunning and the adult leaning story is fantastic, but I can't really get around the fact that the controls, combat and UI are so shonky. Perhaps you get used to it but it makes the core experience of playing it feel a bit laborious and tedious to me.

      I've gotten used to the UI, it felt clunky at first, but yeah gotten used to it being clunky.

      the only thing that shit me is that i need to open/close map every time i need to find the nearest waypoint. I wish that had all the nearby waypoints on the mini map edges. further away they are most transparent. something along those lines.

        Yeah so actually THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM! I so fucking hate to bring up the slow loading map and spam the custom waypoint marker and sometimes find out taht the ? was just out of range of my minimap, this makes me so sad that the devs (on many levels) do not know anything about good game design when it comes to feeling of controls and UI :/

          Drama queen much?

      4 hours in I felt like giving the game a 7.5/10. Now I am 10+ hours in the game is a 10/10.

        There's a lot of truth to this statement. The rough around the edges bit slowly (but not entirely) fade to the background. It's like playing a Wii game, yes the resolution is god awful compared to today's fare but after a bit you notice it less.

        I'm the same. I was leaning towards a totally respectable 7.5 at the beginning, but once you delve into it and get used to the controls and UI, something funny happens and the game suddenly takes on this wonderful, enchanting, charming persona that's hard to fault. I'd happily give it a 9+ now, at about 8 hours in.

      for me the 'roughness' is because it is made outside the AAA system, we have gotten so use to how games should be, anything that deviates seems rough or wrong.

      I find the UI effortless on PC with a controller. The inventory system though needs a SKY UI intervention .

      It helps if you played the originals; especially the first. After that game, both Witcher titles felt like masterpieces of UI and controls. Also, it comes down to if you really mind clunkyness in a game. Same sorta thing with Bethesda titles.

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    Thanks to that WoW article I've been playing on the Nostalrius server instead of playing Witcher 3. Damn you all!

    I'm enjoying it, haven't gotten very far in it yet, just been fighting and exploring.

    If find the detection of where you can press X/A/action for getting on your horse, looting etc a bit hit and miss, the icon will show and then you press the button and nothing happens, or you move one step to far and the loot icon disappears, other times you can loot everything you can see within a meter or so of you.

    I'm enjoying the combat and being able to dance around what you're fighting to keep out of it's attack arc.

    I also enjoy that the stuff you're fighting can and will hit/kill other enemies, makes fighting archers fun if you can get them to hit their friends.

    The way they've done horse riding and them locking to the road so you just have to hold X is great.

    I've come across a few bugs though, like invisible walls in the middle of the road that I have to turn around and then try to go through again and AI getting stuck on trees.

    Best fight I've had so far was with a bear that was 3 times my level (this was in white orchard, so yeah not super high levels) but dancing around that bear and avoiding its powerful attacks was great fun, I enjoyed that fight much more than the first 'boss' fight.

      I love that horse pathing feature. All games need that now!

        IIRC Red Dead had it where if you were following an npc all you had to do was hold A/X, but yeah, the Witcher takes the cake by not limiting to just following someone.

      I thought the noonwraith fight was quite fun. Having to use that spell-trap thing (I don't remember the name) made the fight more interesting. Also, I was only level 1, and I'm playing on the hardest difficulty.

      EDIT: I've barely done anything story-wise. I haven't even fought the griffin yet, as I need to level up more. Hard mode is hard.

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        Could never get the trap spell to work on it. How'd you get it to work?

        I ended up just having to gung ho slash it to death. Effective, but not as satisfying. Used up most of my food in the process as playing on hard as well.

          Yeah I'm not sure how that trap actually works, but I thought I was doing more damage to it while it was within the trap area.

            if i recall correctly the magic trap is used to keep the specter from teleporting, making it easier to kill.

            You have to use the Trap to be able to cause damage to the Noonwraith. otherwise it's opaque and you cannot hit it.

              Incorrect. You still do damage, just not much. I defeated the noonwraith using only qwen.

          Maybe you didn't have to use it, but I was doing practically no damage otherwise.

          While it was inside the trap, it become less wavy (visually), and I did way more damage to it.

            Ahk, I was expecting it to get physically trapped or stunned. Definitely felt like I was doing the fight the wrong way.

              Yeah I was expecting the same thing too, took the word trap literally.
              But you definetly did it right, the trap forces any monster who becomes intangible in to a physical form, it can also slow them.

          You'll need to get the trap working for the 'named' Wraiths as they only get tougher, especially when they suddenly split into three wraiths and heal all the damage you inflicted until you slash each one once or send swarms of flesh eating bees at you!. Best tactic I've found so far is shield up then lay a trap, stand in middle of trap blocking/parrying and wait for it to attack first block/parry then three quick attacks and roll back into the centre of the trap and wait for it to attack again. Keep laying traps when it expires and if you get hit back away until you get a shield up again. Oils help.

        I'm playing on "Blood and Broken Bones" is that what you're playing on?

        The game feels like a challenge at this level and you really have to be aware of what's going on in combat.

          I picked the hardest one. I can't remember what it's called.

          It's a huge challenge, and I've tried my best to avoid combat when there are more than three enemies. Maybe once I get a few more perks/abilities, I might take on bigger groups.

            ah ok, yeah I'm playing on the one just below that.

            This is a challenge at this level and you can take on bigger groups of stuff, just gotta mash the dodge button.

        Yes the Trap spell thingy (YRDEN?) and Spectre Oil on your blade will kill it fast always stand inside the trap spell thingy so when they appear they become "more solid", also put the shield thingy spell (QUEN?) on you each time before a fight so if they ambush you you will take less damage.

        Oof yeah I'm doing the same, I'm in Velen now and wow there are some extremely high levelled beasties, certainly do level up and do side missions etc to take on the griffin....certainly does make it easier. Good Luck!!!

      You're a harder man than me - I ran from that bear after it's first couple of swipes... Still managed to get the power stone but I ran from that bear so fast!

        Use the confusion sign, use two strong hits before rolling away quickly, then just avoid it till your stamina regens. Works like a charm and let's you avoid too many hits, even for high level bears.

          Not when I was level 1 doing 0 damage to the bear. Had to level up a little and buy new sword to kill that thing. The bear seems to be weak to Agni too.

          rolling? just dodge, rolling burns stamina so bad.

            But rolling was faster, two strong hits is followed instantly by an attack from bears and roll seemed to exit it's range much quicker and had less instances of getting hit.

            Strangely I've never had a problem with stamina and rolling.

          Haha I think I was level 1 and I just shat it and ran!

    I'm starting to come around, but during the first few hours I couldn't help but notice all the bugs. I think I am starting to adjust.

    I have to say though, Bloodborne in my opinion is leagues ahead of this game. I can't see any other game coming close to Bloodborne this year.

      Can't really compare blood borne and this game tbh, blood borne's animations and polish yes is much better but it's also not a fully open world game, cut scenes are rendered also where as Witcher 3 is the opposite.

        Yeah that is true.. I just mean in terms of if I had to pick a better game. Bloodborne would be the clear winner.

          It really depends what you're chasing, i enjoyed bloodborne ( More of a Darksouls Fan) but the lore in the Witcher and story telling behind it is much more enticing to me than the polish and combat of Bloodborne. I think bloodborne can still come a long way and i'd lvoe to see it go further lik ethey went with dark souls 2! but witcher takes the cake for me

    I thought the introduction was rather week in comparison to Witcher 2 or Dragon Age Inquisition. The latter did a better job at preparing you for the game mechanics. Otherwise I'm liking it a lot so far bar the combat. Really don't like it how the game prioritises character animation over user commands. I'm mashing Q and it just feels unresponsive.

    Overall I'm enjoying it so far. Currently in Novigrad and itching to finish work and resume playing.

      Surprised you're annoyed by animation restrictions if you played Witcher 2. And if you played Witcher 1, you would really know what it feels to have to wait for Geralt to stop dancing to get another swing.

    After about 5-6 hours on x1, I'm having a good time. Seems pretty polished compared to most open world games, you notice some frame rate issues every now and again, but nothing game breaking.

    As close to a review score as I will ever give: 2 thumbs up!

    It's probably the best RPG I've ever played. Even each side quest has more plot than main quests of other games! The voice acting is fantastic, characters believable, morally grey choices, touching moments and even things that make you sick to the stomach. It's a living, breathing world and barely anything is generic. You genuinely feel like your choices matter and they impact other things in the world around you. Sometimes you make a decision and the result of it is not what you expected - it can make you feel truly guilty for doing something, and really happy when you do the right thing.

    I'm 26 hours in, done a few of the main quests, but genuinely enjoying exploring and experiencing the world. So good. I'm sad that I'm going to finish this sooner or later.

      I agree with everything you've said.To me,the story arcs are very well written and acted.Even the minor,15 min side quests are varied and well done.I don't think I've seen that in a game before.

      Speaking of making you sick in the stomach, what did yout think of the Botchling

        That was sad man :( Just sad.

        Some examples of being sick to the stomach:

        * Negotiating the highest reward possible in a small town, the Ealderman reluctantly agreeing and then you explore around to find children sleeping on the floors of their house and the populace complaining about feeling sick from off food or the local butcher able to offer nothing but bones for food.

        * Times are so shit that parents are leaving their kids out in the forest to die because it's "One less mouth to feed" (The worst part is, you hear parents talking about it in towns then later run into kids who were abandoned and in tears)

          also the tale the ghost on fyke isle gives about here death.

    Was a fan of TW2 so I'm kinda biased but the sequel improves over TW2 and makes you feel like the proper monster hunter that Geralt is. Fighting is a lot better as well with proper lock-on and more movement. The whole "Can only make more potions by meditating" is a bit weird but as long as you have the stuff you need you're fine. The graphics may not be the "Next gen" that has been promised by many developers but it's up there with the other great looking games of this generation. The UI? Eh, it's an RPG and was obviously designed for controller in mind.

    And am I the only person impressed by the facial animations for non-cutscene conversations?

    I'm still very early in the game, but it's fun so far. I guess the amount of things to do is a bit daunting.

    Combat is brutal on the hardest difficulty, and I've probably already eaten my body weight in bread and meat.

    It is a bit rough around the edges. I had a glitch when chasing down a guy on horseback. When I got next to him, I hacked him with my sword (as you do), and then I got a cutscene with Geralt saying he needs to move the body (I guess I killed him). But then it faded to black, and I got a cutscene with the guy still alive. Then he paid me after I told him I wasn't giving him the stuff he asked me to get (what a dumbass).

    Although I love the old RPG staple of walking into people's houses and just taking all their stuff. :D

    I'm about 20 hours in, haven't noticed any serious glitches. Combat is difficult but for those who played the last one it is simple enough to get used to. I highly recommend this game.

    I'm level 20 and maybe 55 hours in.I've just won a Gwent Tournament and have returned to Skellige.I've had sex on a Unicorn,attended a masked ball,killed various monsters,rescued Dandelion,tracked a serial killer,won some horse races,fought pirates,met two trolls obsessed with shoes,and tracked various Witcher gear.The list goes on and on really.I agree that you have to fight the controls sometimes and whistling for Roach is annoying most of the time.Also,finding a quest marker on the map can be frustrating.I am utterly obsessed with Gwent and have spent 20 hours scouring every merchant I can find for cards.I love it!

      I'm also somewhat hooked on Gwent, I don't usually like those types of card games either... Tournament you say...hmm...

    I'm someone who's not really into RPG's, but I always try to play the well received ones in case I'm missing something. So I would have gotten this eventually if it hadn't came with Arkham Knight and my 970.

    So far (About 5 hours in) I'm enjoying the side quests and exploring the land a lot more than the story missions (could just be me) and I love the main characters and how well they are portrayed. I really feel like a cheesy 80's action hero, which is right down my ally.

    I'd say my only 'gripes' with the game are the clunky controls and how much of the world building is done through exposition. The micro stutter is also annoying me, even when I'm supposedly running a locked, v-synced, 60FPS according to Afterburner or Fraps. But I'm sure that'll get patched. Besides, micro stutter/ frame pacing issues are fairly common with games this gen, so I can't hold it against just one game for having it.

    In all, I'd say that if you're a Witcher/RPG fan, this will probably be right down your ally. If not, you can probably wait until they iron out the launch kinks/ bugs that plague this generation.

    I agree that the writing in this game is far better than Wither 2, and even much better than most games. I wish some of the facial animation was a lot better, as well the the voice acting needs a lot of work. Compare the voice acting to the likes of the Last of Us, and the Witcher 3 is eating dust.
    Writing and this really nice looking world are this games highlights.

    But like others have complained about the movement of Geralt which is really bad.
    Check out his first two steps after you push forward on the controller, they are really slow first two steps which make crisp movements impossible. And moving left to right or back and forwards frequently has the same problem.
    Trying to get on your horse, picking up items, or movement on uneven parts of the world like rocks, ledges etc are seemingly from the PS1 era. Most movement seems, janky and sluggish.
    The animation and physics of Geralts physical contact on in this games beautiful world are really bad.

    The combat is pretty poor imo. You combo sword swipes are really basic inputs with no real value for using combos. All the early enemies will frequently dodge your heavy attacks in general, and dodge them they will often, no matter if I even set them up by setting them on fire. The encounter systems and AI of combat is very unsatisfying. And combine that with the poor control movement, and this game has real gameplay problems.

    Witches 3 has a lot going for it, but after 3 times of starting then quitting, the bad combat made me quit for good.

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      Did you string multiple attacks into Chains (2x Fast, 1x Strong, Sign)? Did you develop your Sword skills past the first 2 trees? Have you tried using Axii? What Diff setting were you on? Did you roll behind an enemy to get behind them?

      I can't agree that the voice acting is dust compared to TLOU. I don't understand the 'lag' with movement. It's hardly something to complain about.

        I already mentioned combing light and heavy is not valued the Way enemy attack patterns are set up . Used Signs frequently staring with shield before encounters started.
        The swordplay has to be valuable on its own to judge the swordplay itself. Which I tested before most people ever thought about doing that.
        Used axii, and then started on the second highest difficulty before kicking it down one.
        Most early enemies approach to combat is very similar. It's obvious that there is a missing variety of styles with the enemies. And small aspect like The blue creatures disappearing underwater in the swamp section for a fraction, is not impressive as well as enemy attack patterns in general, and their response to my attacks which was very similar across the diversity of the enemies.
        As will the strategy of being surrounded seems to be the main point of strategy for the early enemies. Well, I haven't seen that 1000 times in a lot of games before.

        I'm glad no one else bothered defining the combat set up which gets me a negative one by the fanboys out there who refuse to identify the quality of the combat

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      they dodge heavy attacks? of course they do, with heavy attacks comes a whole slow telegraph that a swing is incoming. Who wouldnt dodge them? The thing about the signs they arent so much for damage at early stages, likewise with the sword play, its not until you start unlocking things and getting better gear does the combat come into its own.

    After spending a lot of time poking at it, I've eventually figured out pure sign-less sword-fighting, I think. I've found that the way to deal with lunging opponents is to parry or dodge and counter-attack.
    It's never actually communicated to you in any way that I've yet found whether an attack will be parryable or not, let alone eligible for a riposte. Beasts you can't really parry in general. Humans wielding heavier weapons like axes. Geralt is remarkably adept at a quick side-step and twisting himself to quick-attack who you're looking at.

    Quen buys you a lot of leeway with enemies that make quick, light attacks, letting you button-mash carve up a pack of dogs, for example, before they've barely managed to hit you. Without Quen, it's all quick-stepping and backing away and making sure nothing gets behind you. Also, I like to take the arrow-parrying skill in one of my slots. It might not be every encounter you get shot at, but when they do, it fucking hurts and the stagger can be even worse. Plus there's nothing as satisfying as getting it to rank 3 and sending the shot back with double damage. Particularly when the other combatants exclaim about it in shock.

    It's living up to the pedestal I put it on.

    I played for about 4 hours so far... just doing the main quest line.
    I don't like the clipping, grass, water, foliage, movement, action button, linear design of questing, cut scenes are too many and long, repetitive spam left click combat. also when you go exploring an area you run into way too hard mobs. Didn't like the level up points as well they felt useless.

    I like the, scope of the game, sexual connotation of being a Witcher and the weather.

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    Clunky controls and ui,poor animations, button mashing boring combat. Hasn't hooked me initially. Seems ok 5 hours in but a bit of a let down

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      Increase the difficulty to address the button-mashing issue. It will severely punish you for button-mashing, forcing you to actually make use of the more nuanced combat elements.

        And if ya think that's bad. Just wait till you come across a Forktail, Wyvern or Griffon.
        Let alone Fiends.

          Haha. I went exploring too far and ran into a surprise basilisk. An instinctive aard blast while it was diving made it crash head-first into the dirt and leave a trail in a crazy organic response the likes of which I haven't seen in a boss fight since the totally underrated Dragon's Dogma. This game is crazy good.

            Besides also loving the Witcher 3, I'm up-voting your comment for the sheer fact that you mentioned the amazing game that is Dragon's Dogma.

          The griffon was easy. Just holding parry and dodging the highly telegraphed attacks made it too easy. Sure the harder enemies take me ages to kill and I do barely any damage with each hit but they are easy to avoid so they aren't hitting me. The combat system just feels dull and disconnected after playing things like shadow of mordor/bloodborne. I'm still not ruling out me liking it further in but my first experience has been mediocre

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        And punish you it does, though not always in a fair realistic way. It annoys me that when an enemy jumps back and I quickly follow only to attempt the distance covering spinning jump attack when I'm right up in the monsters face.
        It seems to me the game thinks the monster is still out of range.

        It isn't all bad though, the dodging looks amazing at times as you spin out of the way with perfect footwork and positioning from a good direction choice and getting clipped when you don't.

        One thing that blew my mind was when fighting two bandits. Both had no health left and did a finisher one one, stabbing him and spinning to cut his head off. The second strayed too close and got caught in the end of my rotation, cleaving him in half from neck to waist.

    Am I the only one who feels like it struggles a bit in its second act?

    For context, I'm level 17 and have just finished the "city" area between Velen and Skellige (whose name escapes me for some reason) where you meet dandylion, the dwarf, triss etc and go to masquerade ball, theatre performances, bath houses, brothels the whole shebang.

    And I mean, the area itself is well designed. The things you do, while not exactly groundbreaking (my girlfriend walked in at one point and said "does every RPG have to have a masquerade ball in it?") are varied and that's all well and good. But I found my interest waning.

    The start of the game is so strong, and so quickly I comfortably fell into the role of wandering bounty hunter/monster slayer - helper of the ignorant and slayer of the inconceivable.

    But once in the city (where the horse movement restraints are particularly taxing) I just felt like token rpg swordsman A completing quest #32B to slay x amounts of thugs/mobsters/witch hunters/irate humans because of .

    I'm sure Skellige will be a refreshing change of pace, but anyone else feel a little identity lost in the big city?

      Skellige is SO MUCH better than Novigrad. I felt the same with the 2nd Act, kinda rushed through the place to get through it. Take a breather from Novigrad, go roam around the country-side.

      Once you get to Skellige - mate. It's a whole different world. The music tops it off.

    I've played it for about 59 hours according to GOG Galaxy and ive only just started Act 2. I love attention to detail thats been put in the game. Almost each quest feels like it would be its own 60USD game if they were made by another company.

    Bethesda and Bioware have really got to step up their game now with their next lot of RPGs. Bethesda cant get a pass on bugs, quest design, world design now when it comes to fallout and TES because Wild Hunt Has less bugs, is bigger than skyrim, is more densely populated in its cities and towns and the quests are engaging.

    Loving it. Surprised, I turned on Hairworks (PC) after the recent patch. Enabled Hairworks for everything.

    I lost 5 FPS. 5. Before the patch I lost 25.
    The kicker? I'm running a GTX760.

    Don't see any problem with the animations - how are they clunky? Don't consider it to be boring either. UI isn't clunky but DOES need improvement.

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    I'm enjoying it.

    The world, and the story, the atmosphere? All wonderful.

    ... but yeah, I'm finding movement and combat clunky. Plus occasional frame rate stumbles. (PS4)

    As y'all said, looting is really quite difficult sometimes for no apparent reason.

    Same with getting on Roach.

    Ciri's cool though.

    Apparently I have been at it for like 17hrs and feel like I have done nothing but gosh its an amazing game. Easily on the way to being one of my favourites of the last five years. Basically shows up DA:I on absolutely every level. The weather, the lore, the characters, the side quests, everything.

    My only two problems 1) putting up with stupid 'downgrader' comments out of game 2) even after saving their whole village I still get called a freak in game ... there truly is no pleasing everyone, in game or out.

    The best part THIS is how the game starts, just imagine how much better it will become in time with patches, mods and feedback.

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      Hands down, the next Fallout 3 for modding.

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    Minor spoiler warning.

    I have finished the game. It took me from Tuesday morning till Sunday playing about 16 hours each day but I finally did it. I've also never posted on Kotaku so I had to create a new account to do this. My goal here is that hopefully even if just one or two more people in the world play The Witcher 3 because of this then I'll be satisfied, because if you are on the fence about if you will play it. You want to play it. Trust me.

    This game is frankly amazing. Yes the UI and control's can be a bit frustrating at times, but once you are used to it it becomes such an insignificant factor when compared to what else this game offers.

    Let's start with the story. Abso-f**kinglutely amazing. This is some of the best writing I've seen in a video game and would compete with some of the best novels too! Congratulations CD Projekt and it's writing team, you took me on an roller coaster of an adventure. I was entranced and absorbed completely in the experience, even the secondary quests are done well. I won't delve into details because of major spoilers but there is a scene at a fancy mansion ball with a certain side character (that should of been a main) that had a romance scene that blew me away. For the first time in all the RPG's I've played (I've played'em all) I felt like the romance was real... That the people involved were real. I am a 25 year old male and not very much a romantic and this scene was inspiring.
    Moving on from that this game also features the best father-daughter relationship ever. EVER. And to finish it off with enough twists and turns and gut wrenching moments to make any person feel like a 14 year old girl watching The Notebook on her period.

    The music in The Witcher 3 is also amazing! From the EPIC battle music to the slower paced music that plays when walking through fields, towns and taverns. It's all very engrossing and I loved every moment of it. There's even a song from one of the secondary characters that is really moving about Geralt and Yennefer from before the games.

    The upper difficulty levels provide a nice challenge to the game that has you preparing for the bigger monsters you'll face. The game also caters to the more casual players with its easy and normal difficulties being easy so you can enjoy the story more if you prefer. Leveling is satisfying and the skill tree's have a bit of depth to them and require some forward thinking, even then CD Projekt allow you to respect with a somewhat expensive potion.

    The crafting is deep and with a lot of options for customization! My only qualm with this is the inventory system. It definitely need better filters on it.

    The only things this game suffers from is clunky movement controls on both Geralt and when he is on the horse and some minor graphical bugs. But nothing game breaking. I also would have preferred not to have been forced with a main romance option. It's very obvious that one of the characters is the main love interest and has more story to it when I would of preferred the other romance option and to delve more into that!

    I don't like giving games scores but in my opinion this game would probably be about a 9.8/10. If there is one game you MUST play this year it is definitely The Witcher 3!

    Edit: Also would like to mention that when I finished this game that I had a genuine feeling of sadness that it ended. That I couldn't see more of the relationships that had developed and flourished in the game. I have never felt this way about a game before and again I applaud CD Projekt and its work on this game. Truly inspirational.

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