D&D’s Next Storyline Is All About That Drizzt

D&D’s Next Storyline Is All About That Drizzt

Wizards of the Coast is calling the next big global Dungeons & Dragons storyline “Rage of Demons”, but the theme running through D&D tabletop, board and video games later this year is a dark elf wielding a pair of scimitars and his pet panther.

One of the most borrowed dark elf names in MMO history, Drizzt Do’Urden is one of role-playing’s most recognisable bad-asses. As one of the few good members of an evil race playing a ranger, a class not normally associated with a society that mainly lives underground, he’s a walking, talking Dungeon Masters’ nightmare, courtesy of fantasy author R.A. Salvatore.

“Rage of Demons” will see players fighting alongside Drizzt and his pet kitty Unspellable as they travel to the Underdark to figure out why its dark denizens are starting to travel outside of their vast underground world to cause trouble.

Players will encounter Drizzt in the upcoming CRPG Sword Coast Legends, with an Underdark campaign extending well past its launch later this year. MMORPG Neverwinter is getting an entire expansion tentatively called Neverwinter: Underdark, featuring a series of adventures written by R.A. Salvatore himself. The tabletop game is getting a new Underdark adventure as well in Out of the Abyss, which should be available this fall in nifty hardcover format.

And everything comes to a head in Archmage, a new Drizzt-starring novel by Salvatore, arriving on store shelves in early September.

The “Rage of Demons” but secretly “Drizzt, Drizzt, Drizzt” storyline for Dungeons & Dragons will kick into full swing later this year. You can get more info over here.


  • Pet kitty unspellable? Gwenhwyvar? Wouldn’t have been hard to google the spelling?

  • I’ve read all the drizzt novels but man they are milking him hard. Let him have a break he’s already been put through some pretty comical retcons and changes to try and keep his character (and friends) around. Move on and introduce some new blood….

    • Pathfinder is where it’s at. From what I’ve seen of 5th edition DnD it’s kinda barebones compared to the earlier stuff 🙂

  • Oh God, I remember the rampant tabletop PCs that consisted of Chaotic Good Drow Rangers with dual scimitars. This will only encourage them. The best part of Baldur’s gate was being able to kill Drizzit

  • Any information on when Neverwinter will be playable for Oz Xboners? I see OS people playing it all the time, looks decent enough and if it has an underarm expansion it could be fun.

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