Deciding Which Games To Put Into Storage Is Freaking Agony

Deciding Which Games To Put Into Storage Is Freaking Agony
Meet Gary The Gum Tree. I hate him so very, very much.

My games collection is going to have to be put on ice for a while. That’s annoying, but it’s downright soul destroying deciding which games to spare.

As detailed yesterday, I’m in the middle of dealing with the aftermath of having an unexpected visitor, in the form of a large gum tree, land on my house.

I’ve been told by my insurance agency that I’m going to have to relocate for a couple of months, which means that for the first time this century, I’m suddenly back in Sydney’s rental market, albeit for a very short span of time.

Yeah, Gary. I really, really hate you. So much.

Part of the pain of this is that it means that I’ve got to pack up my games collection for transport to wherever I end up living for the next three to six months. I’ve essentially never let my older games go while building up quite a few current generation titles as well, but there’s a rather obvious problem here.

I’ve got to put a lot of them in storage. Yes, they can travel with me, and they’ll be secure, but it really doesn’t make sense to unpack all of them for a stay that could be as short as three months.

Which means I’ve got to make some hard choices about what I actually want to play for the next few months. Digital copies of games are already present on a few consoles, which is a big plus, but I have a curious, and somewhat nostalgic delight in actually putting a game into a system in order to play it. Call it a quirk, if you will.

All of this is Gary’s fault. Did I mention loathing him yet?

There were some hard choices to make — albeit that I’m only making them in my head right now. I had to wave goodbye to Final Fantasy VII, because I’m not entirely sure I’ll have long stretches of play time. Likewise, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap didn’t quite make the cut, because there’s just no way I’m going without a good version of Bubble Bobble for three months. I’d rather be dead. Going without Bubble Bobble for three months WOULD be dead, now that I think of it.

So, going system by system, here’s what I think I’d like to have access to if I could pick only one for each system:

  • Pac-Man (Atari 2600) (here’s why, even though it’s terrible)
  • Elite (NES)
  • Bubble Bobble (Sega Master System)
  • Secret Of Mana (SNES)
  • Dragon’s Fury (Megadrive)
  • Bushido Blade (PS One)
  • Athlete Kings (Saturn)
  • WWF No Mercy (N64)
  • GTA: Vice City (PS2)
  • Crimson Skies (Xbox)
  • F-Zero GX (GameCube)
  • Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
  • Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
  • EDF: 2017 (Xbox 360)

For work related reasons, I’d need to have the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 good to go, so they’re not mentioned.

But still, that’s too many consoles to have up and running. I may get lucky and be able to get a short term rental on somewhere with enough space to accommodate them all, but I’m not counting on it.

I figure, as long as I can get something larger than a shoebox to live in, and maybe if I just make one of the kids live outside for a while, I can squeeze in three consoles with their games.

But the choice is agonising. Which is why I’m thinking out loud in public.

If you had that list to pick from, and only, say three you could go with, which ones would you pick — and why?

tl;dr version: Gum trees are bastards.


  • From that list I’d probably only take F-Zero GX. Mainly since it’s the best game there by a measure of forever 😛 Also since I’m talking from my perspective, I’d probably be set with my Wii U alone for those three months so wouldn’t need that much to supplement it. Also I could totally see myself taking more than three months just trying to beat it all over again from scratch, I’m pretty sure the first time was a fluke.

    I’d be interested in taking along Elite on the NES, but would likely be too busy playing Dangerous to check it out instead.

  • Be less hipster and go without nostalgia for three months. You’ll appreciate the games more after a break. So just take the current gen stuff and get your work done. It would be nice if kotaku authors could contribute some decent content for a change so how about spending your hipster time on writing quality stories about current and upcoming games.

    • You, sir, are the sole and only person to *ever* describe me as a hipster.

      It so astonishingly far from reality that, yeah, wow. Words genuinely do fail me.

      • That’s what they all say!

        Just kidding. If I were you I’d put it all in storage and pick up a jxd gaming tablet and just live through emulation for the time being.

    • Why does liking a retro game automatically make someone a hipster? People don’t always play retro games for nostalgia either, from that list I am currently playing Secret of Mana and while nostalgia plays a part I simply think it is a fantastic game.

  • I am in the process of doing that with my books. My little one is on the move and developing a taste for good literature. Unfortunately it is a literal taste of it so needing to cull things. Also the current bookshelves are not really toddler safe so that’s the other reason. But having to pack away the series I don’t think I’ll read in the next couple of years is hard.

    As for your issues I would ditch the latest of the old gen, you are going to get much the same experience with the current gen.
    Take the master system and new for when you want the retro gaming hit. With only one choice left, take the one that really jumps out.

    • I donated most of my books to the library, I figure if I am not going to read it for a year or longer, it doesn’t need to be on my shelf, or rotting away in a box somewhere.

      • I did that with some of mine that I’m not likely to read again. A bunch of older ones to op shop.
        I don’t know, I don’t care about a video game collection but a bookshelf full of books is a thing of beauty to me

  • I’d go:

    Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
    Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
    Secret of Mana (SNES)

    They offer a range of experiences. I think I could live without sports and racing games for a few months.

  • Mana, Bobble, and Red Dead.

    …and shame on you for forsaking Wonder Boy III. *sheds tear*

    • That one was tough, but I needs me some Bubble Bobble. It was always going to take a spot on the list, and the MS version is exceptionally good.

      • Agreed. My Master System was the only console I (ahem…my parents) ditched, so I lost my MS copy (I have an arcade PCB of it though). Coupled with one of the rapid fire adaptors for the MS, it was a rock solid multiplayer gem.

  • Are you going to play them again any time soon? Probably not. So put them all in storage. Problem solved.

  • Or, you could just have all your games in your Steam library and then ‘storage’ is only ever a quick download away.

    *looks face-punchingly smug*

    • I did consider that side of the equation, but I’d have to have them all set for offline; it seems increasingly likely I won’t be able to sort out a decent Net connection in a short term property stay.

      Also, I can’t find Bubble Bobble on Steam. Clearly, it must be broken.

      • Is there a good way to circumvent this by making your own emulator box? Like using a Raspberry Pi and loading it with different emulators. Compact and it will still quench your thirst for retro gaming. Can even put DosBox for classic PC games.

      • Hm. I know not of this ‘Bubble Bobble’ you speak of. Doesn’t the prophet Gaben teach us that if it doesn’t exist on Steam, it doesn’t exist?

        Google tells me it’s a disturbingly graphic horror game (, I wonder why I haven’t seen it on YouTube Let’s Plays, for the jump-scares…

        (Edit: I do in fact actually know and <3 Bubble Bobble and am pretty sure you can get a PC copy on ‘abandonware’ sites. But any excuse for a vgcats strip…)

  • How about Streets of Rage II instead of Devil Crash… yes i saw that photo up there. 😛

    As for the rest…. hmmm… Secret of Mana is fun, but not something i could play again as much as say Chrono Trigger. But if you must… Secret of Mana then.

    Then F Zero GX on Game Cube.

    I wouldn’t even bother with Ps3, Wii and 360 cos they are still quite new consoles. Your memories would be much more fresh with these games.

  • Put the kids in cold-storage before the consoles, but if you’ve only got room for 3 consoles then take the PS2, SNES and Sega Master System. Those 3 consoles have combined the greatest library of games going, you also get the benefit of PS1 backwards compatibility on the PS2 to really round out the library. Then for games; pick something meaty and long on each console (preferably an obscure RPG that you haven’t replayed in a while or that you’ve not played at all) as well as something light and bouncy (a compilation like Mario All-Stars is perfect) and a classic for each console. Then you’re covered for every mood that strikes you!

  • I’ve had to do this once or twice. My problem is I pick up a game and suddenly feel the need to play it. Immediately.

  • lol read the title and thought “yeah, I’ve been struggling with that since my hard drive filled up”

  • correct answer is “don’t put any in storage” 😛

    i know… i know… its not always an option… in my case i have more shelves than storage locations so everything is on display all the time

    also sorry to hear about the tree… damn weather!

  • Put the couch in storage and sit on a throne of games in your rental.

    Also, is Gary the name of the tree?

  • Ditch everything bar Athlete kings on Saturn! Watching the german guy fall off the podium gets me every time!!

  • did you know that a wii u with a portable hard drive can play every GameCube and Wii game ever made. You just need a Wii with backwards compatibility to rip all your games then do a console transfer to Wii u.

    Sure your games will all be digital but at least you’ll have them

  • Why keep into storage when you can create a nice display cabinet for the games and have them accessible? Haha!

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