Defiant Development Gave All Its Veteran Developers Real Swords

At Defiant Development's five year anniversary party recently, staff who had been at the Brisbane studio for at least two years were rewarded for their faithful service with a sizeable sword.

Likely there was also an air of celebration about its recent achievement in Hand of Fate, the well-received hybrid game which we've been following since its Kickstarter days.

The two-year staff were inducted into the Defiant Swordsmen and Swordswomen, and just in time — winter is coming.

Not a bad way to appreciate a great team!


    Wow crazy to see how this has evolved.
    I was actually at uni with Kim, and did a group project with her.
    Haven't spoken to her since uni, but cool to see she has gone on to work for a successful local game company, and has been there 2 years now and got a sword. Damn time has flown by.

    I guess these guys made the cut.

      It's a cutting edge studio

        And a pretty cool gift, any way you slice it.

          It's a decent stab at an incentive.

            Oh, you guys with your piercing wits.

    Any future staff lay-offs are going to messy now that everyone in the office is armed...^_^

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