Destiny’s New Secret Area Is Very Exclusive

Destiny’s New Secret Area Is Very Exclusive
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Destiny’s new mode, Trials of Osiris, has gone live. With it comes a new social hub that only the best of the best can visit. Trials of Osiris is a very difficult 3v3 elimination mode where players can revive teammates. Once everyone on a team dies, however, the round is over and the opposing team gains a win. The more rounds players win, the better prizes the team will get at the end. We’re talking stuff like cool gear, buffs and such.

Players that manage to scrape out nine wins in a row get something extra special, however: a new social hub called The Lighthouse.

Located on Mercury, The Lighthouse looks pretty damn cool judging from this footage by MrJonathannovak1:

Look at this place. It’s a damn beauty — and most people won’t be able to visit it. Those that can will have ultimate bragging rights:

Once inside, you’ll be able to grab some cool new loot, too:

Not bad, huh? Seems like Bungie really killed it this time around.

Amazingly, some players have found a hidden area WITHIN this secret area too, as this footage by Hazed shows:



  • Looks cool. No doubt the “I paid for the game, I deserve to see all the content and I deserve to see it NOW!” crowd will begin stamping their feet.

    • Depends if bungie will cave like most devs and just let everyone access it a few months later.. only time will tell!

      • Considering they’ve caved elsewhere in regards to difficulty, gear and light level grinds, etc, you can bet it’s only a matter of time before this suddenly becomes a lot less exclusive.

    • I only have an issue if it starts fracturing the community and the new hub is seen as a place to pick up other people of a certain skill for teams.

      • Seeing how the Bungie forums are filled with threads about those who refuse to raid with people who don’t have a certain weapon or are wearing any piece of non raid armour, that’s exactly how it will be used.

      • You can’t meet new people there. Only those in your fireteam can cohabitate that space with you.

  • I’m looking forward to trying out Trials of Osiris!
    I’m pretty good at PvP, but this new mode seems like it’ll be rather tense!
    I love strong teamwork in PvP. There’s nothing worse than your team running around in a “Everyone do their own thing” manner while the enemy team works together.
    It’ll be fun to have two tight teams fighting against each other!

  • Shame that Trials of Osiris promotes cheap, opportunistic gameplay as well as blatant network manipulation and simply isn’t fun. I was never a fan of the PVP modes to begin with but ToO is really a whole other level of shit.

      • Personal experience, people complaining about blatant network manipulation in the /r/destinythegame subreddit with evidence, etc.

        • I don’t think network manipulation is as bad an issue as you’re making it out to be.
          After my numerous hours in crucible (we’re talking NUMEROUS hours here…), I haven’t seen anything that I would consider to be network manipulation.
          Occasional lagging, sure, but not game breaking or unfair or anything.
          I don’t know what system you’re on though…

          I played ToO too, and didn’t notice anything sus either.
          In fact, if anything, I think the mode boots anyway with a less than satisfactory connection, as I faced 2 teams who both had a player drop out mid game.

          As far as opportunistic gameplay, that’s just the game mode.
          You need to exploit those easy kills and zone controls.
          If you kill an enemy, you push to claim his ghost. You don’t want to give them the opportunity to revive them.
          Similarly though, if you’re teammate goes down, you need to try and fend off the enemy so you can hold that zone.
          If you have a good spot, you don’t leave it unless you’re forced to by the enemy, which is part of the fun of the mode.
          Holding key positions and pushing enemies out of key positions is fun.

          To each their own though, but I think you’d be remiss if you didn’t even give it a go.

          • I tried it and it sucked. I don’t like the gameplay to begin with but the network manipulation makes it unbearable. The supposed “lag” is far worse than in usual Crucible where it’s far more critical that you don’t get screwed over. Even disconnects count as a loss so bam, you just lost a chance at the Lighthouse unless you bought the perk that makes it not count (which is basically essential). It could just be unfortunate coincidences due to the surge of people playing but then you look at the leaderboards from community stat pages and see that many of the people racking up 9-0 streaks repeatedly (with no losses whatsoever) are usually sub-par players in the Crucible, assuming they played at all.

            It might not be widespread, but it’s frequent enough that I’d rather not deal with it, which is what keeps me from most multiplayer games these days.

            On the upside, since all the “hardcore” players and blatant cheats are in Trials of Osiris, The Crucible has been kind of fun again.

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