Destiny’s Newest Helmet Is An Instant Boss-Killer

Destiny’s Newest Helmet Is An Instant Boss-Killer

Meet the Celestial Nighthawk, one of Destiny‘s newest helmets and perhaps the most lethal boss-killing device in the game. Nighthawk, an exotic hunter helmet that was added to the game with the House of Wolves expansion earlier this week, offers one very interesting unique perk.

BIG GAME: Golden Gun fires one shot, delivering 6x damage, while granting Keyhole for overpenetration.

Golden Gun, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a hunter super ability that lets players conjure up an uber-powerful handcannon to do massive solar damage for a few quick shots. With this new perk, hunters can do… well, SIX TIMES massive solar damage.

This helmet gives enough of a damage boost to let a solo hunter take out the shield of Crota, Destiny‘s toughest boss, with just one shot:

(full video here)

It’s only been three days since House of Wolves came out, but players are already going nuts over Celestial Nighthawk, as you might expect. It will be fun to see how quickly hunters can speedrun both raids now.


  • Got back into this after months. Enjoyed Prison of Elders but Im already lvl 34 after little effort and decent rng drops. How was this supposed to last until September????

    Ive enjoyed my Destiny beta but have no intention of spending any money when they decide to release more content whether it be more dlc for this or Destiny 2.

    Now if you will excuse me its back to killing cows in Witcher

  • How much money is Activision paying Kotaku to keep Destiny in the news? This site seems to be the only place that still cares about it. Certainly most gamers have moved on.

    • You’d be pretty wrong about that. It has an extremely active community and House of Wolves has brought a lot of people back.

      • I am really intrigued by this because I don’t really see how it could aside from loot dropping.

        • It helps that the game itself is just fun to play. I don’t even like PVP but that aspect alone has a lot of people playing daily just like people do in Halo/Call of Duty long after the story is over. I’d say the majority of active players have three characters so they’re doing all the new content three times, as well as running weekly heroic/nightfall strikes (for a chance at loot), then strike playlists (for loot), daily heroic stories, bounties (for experience/loot) and now there’s Prison of Elders which is Destiny’s firefight/horde mode. It’s a hell of a lot of fun to play. The thing is though, you need treasure keys to get the loot. Apart from completing the new weekly bounties for specific targets that the Queen’s Emissary gives you (which is only a small chance at a treasure key) you can find them in chests while hunting the bounties themselves (which appear on a timer). People have made a game out of just farming these bounties for the chests which offer really good drop rates for rare engrams and a chance at a treasure key which enables them to run prison of elders over and over.

          Some people might have hit level 34 and are now bored with it after less than a week, but I’m sure as hell not.

    • Ahh most expansions for a game the size of Destiny get covered here. Brace yourself because there may also be youtube clips about it.

    • This is so true. Constantly updated every single day about Destiny. Kotaku IS clearly being paid.

  • Another Destiny article under the ‘xbox’ tag… Surely it should be under the ‘Playstation’ tag… Am I mental?

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