Dissect Or Not? Play Psychologist And Identify Aliens Hiding As Humans

Hostile aliens have invaded Earth, but being intelligent themselves, have taken human form to thwart efforts to dispose of them. In Nightmarea's upcoming game, Between The City and The Needle, it's up to you to discern who's faking and the real deal, by "posing" as a psychologist and brutally interrogating suspects via polite conversation.

As you can see in the above teaser, the presentation is reminiscent of Papers, Please, but with a cyan, sci-fi twist. There's nothing playable just yet, but the planned feature list promises nine different endings, some 40 people with "their own personal motivations and traits" to chat to and of course, the all-powerful ability to send untrustworthy citizens to be dissected, proving your suspicions correct.

Or embarrassingly incorrect. But let's not think about that.

It sounds like a delicious idea that will succeed or fail based on the quality of dialogue and complexity of the interactions. Given there will be almost 10 endings on offer, it's unlikely to be a paint-by-numbers game and could even have a degree of replayability, depending on how many suspects you converse with each time around.

Between The City and The Needle [Nightmarea, via RPS]


    I say dissect everyone, it's the only way to be safe!

    Sounds interesting hopefully i hear about it when launches, seems these days i hear about great indie games all the time but then never hear when they launch.

      Yeah, it's depressing how I only hear about so many great-looking indie titles when they're either a kickstarter looking for your money, or we're hearing about how they've shuttered and kickstarter backers won't be getting refunds.

    If it manages to feel like a different but spiritual kind of successor to Paper's Please I would be more than interested to play this.

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