Doom 4’s Earlier, Scrapped Version Sure Looked Different

Doom 4’s Earlier, Scrapped Version Sure Looked Different

Doom 4, now just Doom, is a game a long time in the making. Mostly because at least one version of the game has been scrapped entirely. We got a brief look at the current game today, but here’s a rough look at one of the original takes, which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a Doom game.

The video was posted on Doom World earlier today.

It’s more Terminator than Doom, right? Human resistance fighters, realistic-looking gear, ruined cityscapes…this is as far removed from the hypercolour landscapes of Mars (and Hell) as the series could probably venture without having to change the name.

And…I dunno, I kinda like it! Sure, the post-apocalyptic freedom warriors thing is a played-out setting — and also looks like it could have shared some assets with RAGE — but it’s fresh for Doom, a series which has normally seen you play the lone wolf against hordes of monsters.

Note that many of the locations in the video — the library-looking building especially — match up with pieces of concept art we saw over three years ago, right down to the apocalyptic soldiers.


  • I think I might have really enjoyed that game. Hell invading Earth, start of the game has you defending Earth, by the end of the game you’re invading Hell, maybe with a trip to Mars along the way to retrieve something.

    • So… Painkiller?

      Yes, yes, they were invading Purgatory and not the earth, but still…

      • All I remember from that game is how awesome it felt to pin an enemy to the wall with a stake.

          • but of course! – you could also use stakes to pin grenades to enemies (though it took a bit of practice), or make the stakes burst into flames and explode enemies!

            …and let us not forget the gun which shoots shuriken and lightning, and lightning-shuriken (and would only be more awesome if it had tits and was on fire… at least according to some celebrity game reviewers :p)

        • That insane asylum level where the zombies were crawling on the roof and you could pin them to the roof in new and exciting ways? Such fond memories…

  • Was this the video game bases on the film Doom because that had nothing with the games either

  • I’m hoping that the new Doom is as far from Rage as possible.

    That game was as boring as boring can be. You might think Destiny contained the most vibrant, interactive and interesting game world ever in comparison.

    Doom needs to be the following things (in no particular order):
    1/ Pretty
    2/ Violent
    3/ Atmospheric
    4/ Mechanically sound

    If it does those four things BRILLIANTLY, then it doesn’t need to be anything more. No need for teammates, vehicles or open worlds. Be best in class in those four areas, and you’ll have a true DOOM game.

  • It’s kinda weird, creating a Doom that embodies the originals seems strangely hard.

    What I mean is Doom/Doom 2 existed in a strange balance created through the limitations of the era, it was what it was.
    On one hand you have the futuristic aspects, technology and the like, but then you have the supernatural themes of Hell and demons.
    It seems that trying to expand on the originals ends up skewing that balance one way or the other.

    I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing either way, just that it’s a risky tug of war

  • Doom 4 will NEVER be Doom. Try and stop me. Doom 4 Doom 4 Doom 4.

    That said, I sure hope it’ll be Doom. We need another Doom, we don’t need another Doom 3.

    • Right? Its like a kid practising the first episode track of doom 1. Not a bad track to practise, but not what you would post on a video like that.

      I wouldnt… Necessarily be abject to a gears of war style Doom, but it really wouldnt be Doom. Doom is Labrynthian, confusing and layered. A vague story between puzzles. But this being the 21.1 century, story is a big thing and the story of having hell invade earth, or nars, or etc, is a little thin for a AAA game which should provide the player with more than the replayability of Halos LASO. And frankly, i think the “human internal conflict” feature either doesnt have any place in this setting, or is too overplayed now a days unless youre actually in conflict with humans themselves.

      Im excited to see what it is, but i dont see it being mych more that the same old guff as DOOM 3’s jump scares, combines with Quake 4’s attempt at storytelling, all made prettier and with more imagination plugged into level design.

  • It looks like this may have cribbed some inspiration from the Doom novels. The last 2 were set on Earth where the Aliens (they were aliens that looked like Demons to scare us) had taken over and wrecked the planet. Doom guy (I think he has a name in the books?) ends up hooking up with some resistance fighters who are all members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints ie. mormons. This religion thing becomes a weird point of focus in the second, third and fourth books. It is very odd.

    The aliens/demons in the books are also called ‘Freds’. Yep.
    Eventually Doom Guy flys a spaceship to the ‘Fred’ homeworld and wrecks up the place.

    Yes, I read all of the books, no they were not worth reading at ALL.

  • Didn’t the last Doom game say it was aliens on Mars and not demons like the first?

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