Dragonfly. Maokong, Taiwan. By Eric Nguyen.

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    I enjoy this post greatly.

    The peaceful image compliments the incoming rage perfectly.

    The gentle flutter of wings in a summers breeze against the furious tapping of keys from angry fingers.

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    This is genuinely confounding. *strokes beard, tilts head side ways*

    I think kotaku needs a drop column on the left where articles with less than a reasonable paragraph worth of text automatically get filtered to. It is a fantastic photo to be sure, just finding it hard to call it an article.

    Dragonfly picture.
    Peaceful, artful, serene.
    But games, you are not.

      Beauty is fleeting.
      Article is very short.
      Article at all?

        Article there is.
        "Dragonfly. Maokong, Taiwan."
        Oh wait, no it's not.

          Midnight haiku jam?
          Of gamers and dragonflies?
          Oh wait, Kotaku.

            Bashcraft posts image
            No content in article
            Readers post Haikus

    If you look closely, you'll see the pixels of this image. Pixels = Video Games 8/16/32 bit!

    Did I accidentally hit the deviantart bookmark? I enjoy artistic photos and stuff but I don't see how this is "a photo peek into wherever gamers might find interesting."

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